“I Don’t Even Want to Marry Him” | Brides’ BIGGEST Meltdowns!! | Don’t Tell the Bride

Worst wedding disasters from Don’t Tell the Bride!
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  2. The last lady is such selfish brat. He chose it with good intentions and she won't give the outfit a chance. She looked actually pretty.

  3. the last one is acting like a bloody baby, why agree to let him choose everything if youre so freaking picky.

  4. I just want to slap the last bride in the face what a stuck up little bitch . If I was the groom i would have left her at the alter . The dress was beautiful

  5. The last bride is a spoilt princess,she looked great in the gown and still she carried on like a two year old

  6. I really am not understanding why these guys are doing this kind of stuff to their soon-to-be wives. Why would you put the perso you want to be with the rest of your life through hell, that you find funny, on a day that's meant to symbolise their future relationship. These ladies are not unreasonable. Surely guys want to give their girls everything they know they would want on such a day to make them feel special. IDIOTS

  7. So yoy want a free wedding..accept their rules… than cry when he gets the dress wrong…good next time pay for your own dress you ungrateful whingeing cow…

  8. I can understand where everyone is coming from saying the last one was overreacting, but if you’re in a serious relationship, you kind of expect the person you’re marrying to know you and what you like, so I can kind of see why it upset her so much. Also, have you ever tried wearing something you don’t like for one of the most important days of your life? Doesn’t exactly make you feel good.

  9. I agree people put too much on the wedding and not on the marriage but most of these men do absolutely crazy things, do things they know their fiancée hates or is their worst fear or is just absolutely stupid for a wedding and are surprised when the bride is upset or disappointed. I can see why they’d be appalled.(except that last girl. Really?? It was a nice dress) their behavior is still disgusting but the grooms actions werent exactly worthy of praise

  10. Sorry, but can someone explain the idea behind this show? Is there any way it could go right? Why are these people subjecting themselves to this stress?

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