Here’s How Much Money Actors Get Paid For Their Reruns

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Being an actor can be a very lucrative line of work. The stars of long-running, mega-hit TV shows can bring home $1 million an episode. Even better: actors get residual paychecks whenever their movie or TV show gets aired (or re-aired) on TV, gets sold to a streaming service like Netflix, is re-released to movie theaters, or even shown on an airplane. That means they get paid again even though they didn’t do anything! Production companies use a complicated formula to determine how much actors get paid, and some get more than others. Here are some television actors who earn a very substantial living just off the reruns of their old work…

Cast of Friends | 0:36
Ricky Gervais | 1:41
Ray Romano | 2:23
Jerry Seinfeld | 3:00
Robert Pine | 3:52

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  1. BULLSHIT!! Seinfeld himself said he wasn’t worth close to $600 mil. when he was asked about a Forbes list he was on. He laughed his ass off!

  2. Holy SHIT that’s a ton of money for (sorta) nothing. Ain’t that a kick in the balls for the rest of us little people?!

  3. How much does the dude from home alone get? seems like he doesnt work, yet, he's still so rich and home alone is ALWAYS played during xmas

  4. The limey version of The Office was horrid! I found the US version to be consistently funnier and this is coming from an Italian. lol

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