Famous Dex Caught Assaulting Girlfriend on Camera

Singer and songwriter Tish Hyman posts footage on Instagram of rapper Famous Dex beating his girlfriend.

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Written by Jennifer

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  1. To me this bitch looked like she sucked off the owner of complex to get a job cause she annoying as fuck no one cares about a girls opinion amr

  2. This shit is stupid…i dont know the fuck why people think hitting girls is bad..we are equal so a girl hitting a boy should be bad…and no relationship is the same when it comes to common things people have together…she deserved that beat

  3. Since the law like to intervene and takes the lady side men should know how to handle their buisness differently and settle the dispute later after the tension is gone or calmed down. If she's wrong then so be it. Mr.Dexter you got bank, major bank no need of influencing others or children (young men) this is how you handle your girlfriend. The Police is also their for you if she's stepping out of line. Keep cameras and microphones hidden or even your cell phone in record mode. Stay calm keep your collective and call the Police on her. I prefer to love her at any expense to a certain extinct. If she's still being defiant kick her to the curve and get another. That lady eating ice cream in your video seems available and definately sexy. The one you were holding and she had a 12 guage with a mask on. Ye, way to much money to be losing your cool. But hey, when i was young and broke thats how i reacted and it cost me to get stabbed and convictions. Isn't worth it.

  4. Women want “equal rights” even tho when the pepper spray a man or hit him they think it’s wrong for them to hit them back

  5. What if she gave him a disease..or stole..or set him up. Hoes nowadays are treacherous.. Jus sayn.

  6. I get this was wrong and don't think it's right at all but for all you girls out there talking about you want equality and that shit why would it be ok for a girl to do this to a guy but a man can't do this to her?

  7. It doesn’t matter what she did. She could’ve murdered someone. But she shouldn’t have gotten beat. No woman should have anyone’s hands put on them without consent or permission. But beating a woman. You don’t need to ask. Because you should already know that’s wrong. But this is sad because most women think it’s cool to date a rapper with “clout” like lil pump, smokepurrp, lil wayne, and the list could go on. Ladies if your gonna date a rapper. Date a modest, humble, and appreciating man. Like big Sean, Drake, Childish Gambino. People like that. And it’s sad people in the comments section are making jokes of this. This is disgusting and I’m no longer a fan of Famous Dexter.

  8. Man, I cant believe I am about to curse but…

    sorry mum….

  9. Is it that hard for the girl to just break up with him instead of sleeping with another man while she leaches off his wallet?

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