Ex-Girlfriend Asks Why Ex-Boyfriend Never Visited Her In Hospital | The Lie Detective

Two exes confront the end of their relationship, why a hospital visit was never made and regrets that may be held.
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Written by Jennifer

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  1. Dating a girl like her & he breaks up. Is he fucking gay or something, She's definitely one to have in your life she's a honest girl..

  2. If you cut ties with someone, thats it. There is no moral obligation to anyone to meet any emotional needs. I find it so stupid that people feel the need to have some sort of comfort with someone after things are ended; relationships or friendships etc.
    Stop feeling sorry for yourselves, the world moves on and so should you.

  3. What a weak piece of shit. She is better off without him. Deserves someone who appreciates her. Lovely looking girl like her will find someone in no time!

  4. You see, when a boy cheated in a girl. The boy becomes happy because he has another girl who he always had fun to and the girl she left will be depressed. But after some while, the girl will move on knowing that he isn't the right person for her. On the other hand, the boy will miss the moments with her and slowly becomes unhappy with the woman that she replaced in her so he'll eventually get bored and go back to the girl hahaha. Woman, don't offer second chances unless you're stupid.

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