Demi Lovato CONFIRMS Feud With Former BFF in SHADY Tweets?

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If you’re a longtime Lovatic, you know that Marissa Callahan has been Demi Lovato‘s best friend forever. But the 25-year-old singer has recently been sending some pretty interesting indirects on Twitter and even went as far as to unfollow Marissa on social media, sparking rumors that the pair is no longer besties. The “Fall in Line” crooner seemingly confirmed the feud speculation by replying to a fan who asked her to name her best friend.

Instead of saying Marissa or even someone like Nick Jonas, Demi named hip-hop artist Sirah and actor Matthew Scott, who she’s been tight with for the last few years.

Shortly after, Demi then started tweeting about true friends and sharing her truth in new music, which will be out soon.

She wrote QUOTE “True friends don’t ask anything of you.. they don’t take, they give… nothing but love, acceptance and loyalty.”

She also added in a series of tweets QUOTE “There’s nothing like the truth. The honest to God, uncomfortable and shocking truth. Sometimes you have to share your story in the most honest way possible… for me that’s through music. I’ll share my truth soon. Some of you may not like or understand my truth but it’s me.. take it or leave it.. Sometimes you have to end an era to begin talking about a new chapter of your life. Can you handle the truth? #newmusiccomingsoon”

Neither Demi nor Marissa have officially confirmed that their friendship is over, but at this rate, I feel like the answer is pretty obvious. Do you think Demi was shading Marissa with that tweet? If so, what do you think happened between the girls to cause their friendship to end? Are you excited for Demi’s new music? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below and then click here to watch our very own Drew Dorsey join the Smosh crew for a day. I’m your host Sinead De Vries thanks so much for watching and I’ll see you next time.

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  1. Is ruin the friendship about marissa? Maybe demi was in love with her and that why they are no longer friends

  2. Okay.

    deep breath

    This is not to OFFEND anyone in anyway but instead to INFORM you. If you have a problem with Demi, please don't reply to this comment. I do, however, recommend you read it.

    Before someone says it, no; I do not know Demi personally but I am a huge lovatic. However, I will not let my inner lovatic affect this INFORMATIVE comment in any way, shape, or form.

    Alright. So if you've decided to read this, thank you. If you have a problem with Demi, that's your opinion and you're entitled to it. I'd like to make that clear. But please at least read this (thoroughly) before attacking people in the comments and commenting biased and prejudice-based comments. It is extremly easy to get caught up in the media's stories, theories, and viewpoints on topics, whether it be about people, relationships, etc. In Demi's documentary, Simply Complicated, she tells her story and shares it with the world. It may sound like a simple cocept to you, but I hope you can take a moment to try to consider how difficult, scary, and brave sharing her story was. I'm not going to sit here and list 100 compliments, but I would like you to at least see her as a very brave person for sharing her story. This does not mean you have to love her, or even like her, but I'd like you to think about this and work towards gaining mutal respect. In her documentary, Marissa is mentioned and shown throughout the documentary. In the documentary, it is told BY DEMI that Marissa was a popular girl in their school and one day asked her why/how she's so popular. Marissa replied with "well do you party?" and that is how Demi got intorduced to drugs and alcohol. Sure, problems with Demi's home life (like her birth father) probably didn't help. It is proven by scientific research and evidence that home life could POSSIBLY play a roll in substance abuse, or any other type of addiction. Now I want to make a quick note: I do not have anything against Marissa, this was said BY DEMI in her documentary, so I am not creating stories to make Marissa look bad. Anyways, despite Marissa primarily being the reason for Demi's intorduction to drugs and alcohol, they both stayed friends for over a decade, almost two. Demi unfollowed Marissa on social media and vise versa. Marissa started to INDIRECTLY insult Demi, posting quotes and indirect tweets. For example, she posted a quote saying "They burned the bridge, then ask why I don't visit." This is confusing because Demi has funded numerous trips all across the world for Marissa, and even took her on private vacations and getaways. It obviously has some metaphoric meaning to it, and I am not here to pick apart a quote, but the fact that Marissa is basically saying Demi "burned the bridge" is kind of far fetched, when Demi has remained her BEST FRIEND even though Marissa was the one who introduced her to drugs and alcohol. Marissa also tweeted "Actions>Words" which could be translated to actions are greater than words. This is an obvious jab at Demi, as Demi had then started tweeting things about the truth and moving on and growing as a person, mentally, physically, and emotionally. Many obviously took this as an indirect to Marissa, which I am not going to comment on. That's how it all blew up, people digging up the past (like Marissa intorducing Demi to drugs and alcohol), accusing Marissa of being behind the twitter account that has been leaking Demi's photos from her private instagram, and most often; the assumption that their friendship is over. While it is most likely true, and all the evidence is there, I think it's important that you respect their privacy. With that being said: Clever, I don't know if you'll see this but I beg that you take into mind what you're doing by encouraging viewers to "tell us in the comments below." I mean, I get it, you need to make money but please consider the toll you have on people, especially the people mentioned and portrayed as villan against victim. I love Clever but I feel like when you avodcate against bullying, you're going against yourselves by allowing rude, inconsiderate, insenstive, and biased people to comment on your videos. Anyways, please- whoever reads this- take into consideration the FACTS and not just what social media is saying. Thank you for reading this far and I hope you have a good day. Love only, Emma xx

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