Stay Strong Demi ❤️
Demi Lovato finally speaks out about her OD. We have new details on Demi Lovato’s future, including when she’s heading to rehab and what her response was to all the news.

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Hosted by Kelsey Banas

Produced by Yessica Hernandez-Cruz & Sierra Middlebrooks
Written by Amanda Holland
AP: Kelsey Banas
Edited by Erik Aleksiewicz


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Written by Jennifer

Foodie, Volunteer, Systems Thinker, Social Entrepreneur, Baconator. Born at a very young age.

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  1. I love you Demi. You don't know how many people you inspire when you open up about you struggles. You are amazing and strong and very beautiful. I believe in you

  2. I’m so happy that you are okay, Demi!!!! I did a cover of sober for you, it makes me so emotional. I will always support you. Stay strong <3

  3. Thank god shes okay but its bothering me that everyone is supporting her, when she was fine a few people were supporting and her fans, now suddenly EVERYONE is, i mean come on…

  4. And they put all the blame on Mexicans for the drug epidemic in this country… U exchange money and guns for drugs

  5. Stay strong Demi! You’ll overcome this. I know. I feel it in my bones. You’re so strong and beautiful. We love you!!!!

  6. Things happen for a reason and what happen to you was made to happen now it makes you stronger I love you and you are beautiful and special

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