Dates Start Boxing in Restaurant & Accidentally Kick Drinks Over! | First Dates

Team GB Boxer meets his match and shares his inspiring story.
Watch the episode on All 4:

Written by Jennifer

Foodie, Volunteer, Systems Thinker, Social Entrepreneur, Baconator. Born at a very young age.

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  1. Nothing but respect for this man, he is so humble and you can tell that he doesn't take opportunities for granted. I wish them the best.

  2. stupid bitch kicked the table and knocked over the glass, if i was the fella i woulda walked out right there

  3. Why are they always so surprised that their dates have common interests. They tell the show what they like and don't like before they are selected, so they are bound to be put with someone who has atleast 2 common interests,

  4. Jordan all that hard struggle made you the man you are today be greatful for the hard times to make such a kind man.

  5. He needs to get to the Doctor . Nose is broke and he's barely breathing out of it and Boxing is mostly cardio .

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