D.L. Hughley Rips ‘Horrible’ Papa John’s Founder, Says Using N-Word is Costly

D.L. Hughley’s joining the ranks of some other celebs and athletes to say good riddance to John Schnatter, and says he isn’t surprised ‘Papa John’ used a racial slur … because he’s a horrible dude.


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  1. This dude is racist twords white people all the time. Papa John didn't use that word in Amy sort of derogatory way. Which is not racist. So not only is DL a racist but lies about others racism and blasts people he shouldn't. If he keeps doing this shit ppl will not know what real racism is….

  2. The racists in these comments. You all just love to show the world you are racist. Gotta love America. I mean murder and racism is how America flourished so I’m almost not surprised. America just being America.

  3. So he stepped down So the Company can Keep operating? Yeah he's set for Life so he doesn't give 2 shits. People need to STOP going there and Ordering his bullshit pizza. I'm sure he Had no Problem when Blacks were ordering his Pizzas during Football season Since his Punk ass Opened that Place. Ignorant Cowards always show their Teeth when the feel they are gonna take a Loss or get Backed into a Corner. It's Animal instinct. And these Hateful Rich White folks are just that….A bunch of fucking Animals..smh

  4. TMZ I am going to start a class action suit against you for constantly showing people on your channel that use the words "poor white trailer trash crackers". It is racist and hurtful.

  5. Every rapper says NIG**ER in evry song so many times youmight think its the best rhyme. Hypocrisy!!! White guilt!!! I'm going to buy ONLY PAPA Johns pizza from now on!!!!

  6. Whatever happened to "Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words may never hurt me." Surely a guy as rich as Hughley doesn't need to play the victim. Political correctness has turned this country into a nation of pussies.

  7. You know what's not expensive Hugley ? A damn , brand new, clean, HAT! I know you haven't done anything in a while , but I'm sure you still get enough in residuals to get a damn HAT. Or , at least to get that nasty one cleaned. Ugh. Next nonsense!

  8. LOL so true DL ..Lately saying the N word has been very expensive for a lot of white people.  But I always said racism is like a mental illness. Some just can't help themselves. They got to express themselves, at the cost of losing jobs money, fame , and just being totally humiliated

  9. I'm not saying all BLM supporters are prejudice against white people but prejudice black probably support black lives matter

  10. Niggas will cause the white man to go out of business if you talk down on us is the latest political trend lol

  11. Whiteness is an advantage and privilege because caucasians made it so, not because the universe demands it. Whiteness is made up, and white history disguised as american history is a fantasy. white supremacy and white purity is a myth, intellectual rubbish, cultural garbage. People that were at each others throats, learned to team up in america around whiteness. The Irish, Italians, Polish, Jews, Germans, russians all became white when they come to this country. Caucasians come to this country and immediately learn one thing, stay away from blacks and take advantage of them every chance you get.

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