Classic Film Stars Who Were Actually Really Weird People

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“Old Hollywood” is synonymous with class, sophistication, and images of matinee idols chastely stealing kisses on the silver screen. In reality, though, all sorts of bonkers nonsense was going on behind the scenes. Here’s a look at some classic film stars who were actually really weird people…

Cary Grant loved LSD | 0:16
Orson Welles hated his nose | 1:26
Joan Crawford was an egomaniac | 2:00
Peter Sellers was afraid of purple | 2:42
Elizabeth Taylor’s spiteful engagements | 3:25
Katharine Hepburn hated nudity | 4:11
Clark Gable was obsessed with cleanliness | 4:46

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  1. You think that was the weirdest thing about Orson Welles? His paternal grandmother was a practicing satanist who performed a satanic ceremony when Welle's father (her son) died. She had an upstairs room in her house where Welles claimed he had been on occasion. He claimed there was a pentagram, dried and smeared blood, and dead birds all over the place.

  2. gable had a good point about the downside of bathing compared to showering tho. i mean showering is obviously more sensible

  3. Joan Crawford's wire hanger neurosis stemmed from having had multiple back street abortions, performed with …you guessed it…wire hangers. She wound up infertile because of it. Thats why she had to adopt her (ungrateful) children. In the 1920s and 1930s, getting pregnant would have ended her career. She deserves our deepest sympathies, but people prefer to mock her.

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