Celebs You Never Knew Swing Both Ways

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Stars are often required to shed their identities and become someone else when the cameras are around. But for some celebs, being in the spotlight also means hiding some pieces of their real lives all the time, especially when it comes to personal relationships.

For these celebs who publicly identify as heterosexual, the road to romance may not always have been as straight and narrow as they’ve led people to believe…

Lindsay Lohan | 0:23
Anne Heche | 1:07
Mick Jagger | 1:44
Gavin Rossdale | 2:34
Pink | 3:28
Demi Lovato | 3:53
Tom Hardy | 4:42
Cameron Diaz | 5:19
Drew Barrymore | 5:46

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  1. ~ The year is 2017, not 1959. This title and the subject matter seem more than dated and so not relevant in any way. Just nonsense ~ Cheers, DAVEDJ ~

  2. I still think Anne Heche faked the whole lesbo thing for fame & fortune. Before Ellen she was Steve Martin’s girlfriend for several years, and she’s been hetero ever since leaving Degeneres. And it worked perfectly. She went from a struggling C-list actress to a household name almost instantly. And rumor has it their breakup was extremely bitter…

  3. Love is love & fucking is fucking & rarely to cross the 2. Today, everyone is trying to be "politically fluid & cool" with all this gay shit.

  4. Really people you think these swines would ever tell us the truth,they haven’t got an honest bone in their transgendered bodies

  5. Notice how Diaz says,women are beautiful and of course I’ve been with a lady,she can this cause she’s a man a full bore tranny

  6. I'm surprised members of either gender would want to touch Mick Jagger. He brings a whole new definition to the word 'ugly'.

  7. who the heck are gavin rossdale, and thomas hardy ? The only surprise was cameron diaz. between the nobodies and cameron diaz there arre no surprises. Mick and David were talked about when I was a teenager, I'm in my sixties now. the rest of these flakes never really tried to hide their sexual peccadilloes. NO REAL NEWS HERE.

  8. Wanna tell me how my PARENTS are in my business behind my back focused on sexual things so I cant get this lawsuit out of the way? If so, my cell phone number is 1(910) 624-5349. You can leave a text also.

  9. Why all the hate in the comments?
    & seriously, people are talking about "bi erasure" when the channel has multiple vids dedicated to bi celebs.
    You people are never happy!
    a lesbian whose past 2 girlfriends were awesome bi ladies I am grateful to have had the pleasure of becoming involved with

  10. Demi Lovato is fucking messed up. Slept with Ryan Phillipe who's twice her age. Pretends to be bisexual and her song "Cool For the Summer" is ridiculous. She's what 25 years old and writing a song about young teenagers hooking up for the summer? Embarrassing.

  11. Dude, if you sleep with both men and women, you're just a nasty desperate whore. Male or female. And bisexual whores, call themselves gay lol.

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