Celebs Who Were Unrecognizable After A Makeunder

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Celebrities regularly rock some of the most outrageous fashion trends, but they make the most dramatic transformations when they strip it all off! Some of these celebs have taken on such theatrical fashion styles that their natural look can often make them unrecognizable to the public. These are the most incredible celebrity makeunders of all time…

Gwen Stefani | 0:22
Pam Anderson | 0:55
Miley Cyrus | 1:21
Perez Hilton | 1:52
Kelly Osbourne | 2:17
Nicki Minaj | 2:42
Adam Lambert | 3:11
Ke$ha | 3:41
Blac Chyna | 4:11
Lady Gaga | 4:42
Beyonce | 5:11
Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi | 5:41
Courtney Love | 6:07

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  1. I think the natural look suits Pamela better. Never liked her as a bombshell but now she looks gorgeous in my opinion.

  2. I'm not saying Pamela isn't looking good but I swear I would never recognize it was her if they didn't say it in the video. Such a dramatic difference

  3. Courtney Love went full on mental patient…have you never seen her interviews…red carpets..or for that matter talk or move in general xD

  4. Being filthy fucking rich helps alot, no doubt!
    Their stylist are the ones who've done the changes. These people couldnt dress like this on their own. Even JLo needs someone to dress her.

  5. Ok, if you insist that the Kardashian's get credit for Black Chyna's new look, then you must also INSIST that black women everywhere get credit for the style/look of 3 of the 5 Kardashian/Jenner girls. I'm sure we already know which 3. They've attempted to emulate cultural hairstyles, had their bodies altered from flat and shapeless, to the little waist/curvy large butt look that they proudly flaunt today. Poor Kylie went from the Quagmire jawlined, pale ugly duckling of the family, to the lip injections, fake tans, fake boobs, fake hips, fake butt, fake inventions and fake clothing lines (oops!). They suck black culture dry, stealing hairstyles and renaming them, as well as stealing clothing designs from up-and-coming black designers and using the same designs that they JUST BOUGHT from those designers for their "new clothing line". I swear, if the roles were reversed, there would be a lot more outrage. They love black style, love black culture, love the beauty and curves of black women's bodies, love the full lips, clearly love black penis, BUT don't want to deal with the struggles that come with being black. Typical of white America though.

  6. You think Pam and Miley look better? Gay men and women should not comment on how good women look. Kelly Osbourne is not attractive now or then. People never thought Nikki Minaj looked good because of her hair or makeup, Nicki. She has huge fake breasts and butt implants. This is what I was meant when women and gay men don't know what guys look at. Kesha never looked good either. Now she is apparently fat. Lady Gaga still has her face plastered with makeup. It is hardly natural. The hair poof is not 1960s in New Jersey. That is normal there. It is not hard for Courtney Love to look better now that she is not on heroin. That is not a makeunder. That is drug rehab that did that.

  7. Miley is a piece of shit. She used a lot of hip hop artist to gain a different audience for her Bangerz album then went on to talk shit about the genre. Typical culture vulture.

  8. None of these bitches look great or amazing.
    Overaccentuating will make anyone look ugly because they're putting too much "work" into their appearance.

  9. Who tf is Perez Hilton and Black Chyna. I've never heard of them and judging from how you explained them they aren't celebrities and have no talent.

  10. Black Chyna got shitloads of plastic surgery I can tell. I researched it and it's true. She didn't get a make under

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