Celebs Who Were Held Back By Their Spouse

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Sharing the spotlight is easier said than done, and sometimes a star’s shine is significantly dimmed by their significant other. From shady sabotage to alleged affairs, these celebs were all held back by their spouses…

Mariah Carey | 0:15
Shania Twain | 1:24
Jennifer Garner | 2:03
Steph Curry | 2:53
Olivia Munn and Aaron Rodgers | 3:37
Megan Fox | 4:33

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  1. I was just writing a part of my book where this person was going to talk about her spouse holding her back.. What the heck?

  2. I bet Megan and Austin won't last very long. He sounds too demanding, scary. Kids cannot keep a marriage glued together.

  3. Steph Curry's wife wouldn't be famous if it wasn't for him. She's just trying to get in the spotlight too. Didn't she try cooking or something and she has a clothing line now? Ben Affleck couldn't have hold Jennifer Garner back if she chose to stay home with her kids. That's a priority. You're a parent. Your kids comes first. It doesn't matter what Brian Austin Green wanted. Megan just isn't that good of an actress anyways. So she just needs to retire and stay home.

  4. I disagree Step Curry should not be on this list. His career seems fine to me. Cavs fans would agree with Curry's wife that the NBA is rigged after the first two games of the NBA finals.

  5. And Sing Sing isn't a reference to a caged bird status Sing Sing is the name of a prison in New York don't believe research do you?….

  6. Your spouse doesn’t hold you back, you allow yourself to be held back. Stop playing this BS victim card and be an adult.

  7. I don’t agree with Curry everyone still feels the same way about him as they initially did before that happened , love the guy. He’s far too talented to let the emotions of his wife tarnish his brand. He’s on his way to a third title and possibly a another finals MVP. And I don’t recall seeing it reflected on him .

  8. Moral of the story: Don't pause your career for a man, ever!! Whether he asks you or not. You are too easy to control.

  9. Jennifer Garner was "essentially a housewife" – how is this an instance of her spouse holding her down? She was doing the most important and rewarding work to ever exist!

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