Celebs Who Surprised Us With Their Red Carpet Looks

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With celebrity fame comes lots of red carpet events, but our favorite celebs aren’t content to show up to every event looking exactly the same as the last. In fact, there have been a few times when celebs have shown up looking completely different than we’ve ever seen them. Some of them were virtually unrecognizable!

Bella Thorne | 0:18
Uma Thurman | 0:49
Tara Reid | 1:17
Snooki | 1:42
Lily Collins | 2:19
Millie Bobby Brown | 3:12
Jennifer Love Hewitt | 3:49
Lady Gaga | 4:31

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  1. Okay, people know that all the crazy Lady Gaga looks were costumes and props from her live show that she was obviously promoting… right?

  2. Oh, just another hateful garbage from Nicki Swift? She was enjoying her time, still looked great regardless of the baby weight. Seriously, your videos are filled with vile, hateful comments about celebrities!

  3. I love JLH… she just seems so sweet and down to earth. Bella Thorne just consistently looks strung out and tries to be an intellectual.

  4. sadly i already see millie going down that well walked path of pushing to be an adult too soon and brittany behavior down the line. we dont hear much but a few things here and there already. sad. the boys have it much easier.

  5. I wish Nicole would’ve gone to a better veneer dr and that Jeniffer would’ve left her eyebrows alone n not gotten either Botox in em or a lift. They are both so pretty idk why they changed their faces.

  6. Tara Reid is not still a "celeb" she's like Scott Disick now….a socialite on the scene hanging AROUND actual celebs.

  7. "What happened to Millie?"
    Um… you guys? the whole popularity and people wanting to make money thanks to her is making her like this. Let's hope she doesn't end doing some shitty thing

  8. Holy shit has Tara Reid aged horribly, you can see the years of drugs and alcohol abuse as she looks 20 years older than she is. How did she look in the mirror and think that dress/look was a good idea? Does she not have friends to tell her how bad she looks in that? Ugh.

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