Celebs Who Quietly Work A Regular Job

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You’d think being rich and famous would be enough to occupy a celebrity’s time, but for some celebs, there’s more to life than being in the limelight. Some of these stars put in hours at their side gig solely as a passion project. But others could actually support themselves on their moonlighting efforts should they ever find themselves cast out of showbiz. Here are some celebs who quietly work a regular job…

Jeremy Renner | 0:23
Prince William | 1:10
Daniel Day-Lewis | 1:46
Nick Offerman | 2:17
Tom Selleck | 3:19
James Franco | 3:46
Erykah Badu | 4:19
Kevin Costner | 4:56
Lenny Kravitz | 5:33
Steven Seagal | 6:05

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  1. These's aren't real jobs?!?!
    I want to see The Prince of England, working at the Exxon corner store by my house and I could go up to him and tell him
    " I WANT $ 10.00 BUCKS ON PUMP FOUR "
    and hurry it up!!!!

  2. A lot of people in these comments aim really low. Apparently if it's not a dead-end position that only kids or the disadvantaged would still be stuck with so late in life it's not normal? O_o

  3. Matthew McConaughey is also a professor at a university in Tennessee. I forget which one but he teaches an online course

  4. Steven Segul is a cop? Same Steven segul who promotes violence in every single movie he made?! This is just peachy…

  5. Nicki–stop making videos that bait me into watching them and them bait me more into watching more–i've waisted hours on your vids!!!! i have real world things to do, like brush my teeth and take the dog for a walk, i can't be spending all my time watching your 'things you didn't know"–it's too much, i tell ya, it's too much!!! 😀 😀 <3 and yes, Jeff Daniels has a regular job working for Purple Rose Theatre in Chelsea Michigan, a Theatre he created after his work with Woodie Allen in Purple Rose of Cairo, and i believe it is in it's 26th season. And doesn't Jason Bourne have a water company?

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