Celebs Who Faked Going To Rehab

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What would ever possess a star to fake a stint in rehab? In some cases, the reports are drummed up by publicists trying to do damage control. Other times, a star gets cold feet or decides their problems can be alleviated by another cold one. Occasionally, sources tell tabloids conflicting stories, with one “insider” claiming a celeb has checked into rehab, while another insists he’s at the club pounding shots and pumping fists. Let’s look at some of the more suspicious rehabilitation reports. We’ll let you decide if these stars could pass a polygraph test, or even a breathalyzer…

Charlie Sheen | 0:31
Lamar Odom | 1:34
Lindsay Lohan | 2:33
Marcell Dareus | 3:24
Zac Efron | 4:20

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  1. Theres no such thing as “ Going off the radar with the Kardashian family”
    So thats a bold faced lie rite there!
    He disappeared i to the brothels is what he did

  2. I quit meth after 25 YEARS, but it almost cost me my life. U have to get away from ALL of it and ur behavior. U HAVE TO HAVE A GOOD SUPPORT SYSTEM TO BEAT THE DEMONS . Because the drugs are flooding everywhere

  3. Im in rehab and it was me wanting to get clean. I think thats the only way it works,success rate when your forced aginst your will are low

  4. You have to want to stop, the actions of all these people at the time are the typical addict avoidance as I did myself.. Maybe my route ended in a psitive after 12 years of needles and opiates you're at the point where it's either suicide or stop, but still full of relapses.

  5. Just another story line to get their names out there. These r usually celeb that can't make it to the big screen anymore. For losers..haha

  6. Many celebrities are so messed up one way or another, a lot of them having no understanding of reality at all. They will lie and cheat their way to the top and bask in the corruption of Hollywood, yet they think it's their right to tell the rest of us what to do and think and relentlessly scold us like we're naughty children if they feel we aren't doing what they want us to. Makes me sick tbh.


    I strongly think that the celebrities who have done that are complete reckless-morons for have done that, and to add a complete disappointment to their fans as well.

  8. What's important for some of these cases is that they did get help. Personal therapy, coaches, what ever, not everyone needs rehab to heal

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