Celebs Who Can’t Stand Meghan Markle

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The moment the world learned that Prince Harry, who is fifth in line to the British throne, and Meghan Markle, one of the stars of Suits, were dating, the actress was met with a slew of support — and also criticism. After the pair announced their engagement in November 2017, Markle immediately faced more hate and negativity than ever before. Here are some famous folks who simply can’t stand her…

Wendy Williams | 0:23
Piers Morgan | 1:31
Katie Hopkins | 2:29
Chrissie Swan | 3:36
Her ex-husband | 3:58

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  1. All these people just seem petty and jealous. I love that princess Diana's son Harry is pissing all over the traditions.

  2. Chrissie Sawn is Correct! It's a Performance. She's as Fake as a Peta fireball and that Grimmace that passes for a smile?! But … the end of the day, …..

  3. Guys, Mind your own business. Who are you to tell Harry or Meghan what to do, what is right or not. So sad you can't hide how jealous you are.
    Get a life. It's better to take care of yourselves instead. Don't go too low but think that you are the only individuals who can change things a positive way for yourselves.
    You can't stands Meghan, that's your problem.

  4. I like the fact that they're having a lemon and elderflower cake. It's original. I think a lot of people are jealous. Maybe, they fancy Prince Harry and want to marry him themselves. I love the fact that Meghan and Harry are trailblazers. How stuffy to always have the same thing just because everyone else does it. They are individuals and they're original. I like that.

  5. Engelsson's behaviour so far has been classy, not slandering Meghan out of spite. There are a lot of trashy people out there who slander people and he hasn't slandered her even though she dumped him. He is coming across as a classy man.

  6. Windy? Really??? I love her but she's not reasonable. It seems to me as a list of jealous people. And Pierce, you can f*ck off with your cake, are you really talking the time to talk about cake in someone else's marriage? Homophobic idiot.

  7. I think Prince Harry is more naive than we think. He likes rocking the boat as they say from the stoggy rules of the castle. I take offence to people making a big deal about him marrying a black woman. Do you really think that if one morning she woke up with actual black features that this would be happening, the marriage that is? The royal family isn't evolving, they are just accepting what they can stomach.

  8. I will give the marriage the most five years. I really think it's a pr stunt. Really not interested in the pair or their wedding.

  9. Well these people are literally nearly unknown . Meghan is about to be a princess. Sounds like a bunch of hate to me personally. Seriously; wendy williams? Her ex-husband? Haha whatever.

  10. None of the wind bags mattered until I heard Hopkins and her ex. Now I wonder how long this will last until either 1. She is killed or 2. They simply divorse. Maybe neither will happen, but I dont bring them up for no reason

  11. Wow… people are digging deep holes trying to find something not to like. So petty and childish! I can’t believe anyone looks up to these brats.

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