Celebs Who Can’t Stand Matt Lauer

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Most celebrities in Hollywood have had some kind of relationship with the Today show over the years, and as such, many famous faces have crossed paths with former host Matt Lauer. And some of them have formed some pretty strong opinions about the famous newsman. In the wake of his shocking termination in November 2017, let’s take a closer look at some celebs who can’t seem to get along with Matt Lauer…

Corey Feldman | 0:25
Rose McGowan | 1:10
Keith Olbermann | 1:28
Kathy Griffin | 1:49
Tom Cruise | 2:15
Ann Curry | 2:56
Brian Williams | 3:27
Hillary Clinton | 4:07
Kanye West | 4:50

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  1. I have to Agree about Matt Lauer , he truly believes he is TOP Dog in the Entertainment Industry . I think when he showed up BALD ,he thinks he's a TREND Setter ? No Matt your just getting Old like the rest of US ! Bald is NOT becoming to you ,maybe if you had a Natural Process of aging it would have been more becoming of YOU ! You be Good Now Ya Heara !

  2. frist off he is a creep but there is no difference between him bill Clinton and Donald trump who to me is the sorriest of them all

  3. While Lauer is a revolting pile of trash, so are all the people listed here who allegedly dislike him—they are all evil sacks of garbage.

  4. Matt Lauer had always came across as a narcissistic bastard since his very early years. He was as amicable as a wall back then as well. Focus on such people's eyes, and it reveals their personality. This guy is a sociopath. And thinks his passive aggressive opinion driven attacks during his interviews, are clever and signs of superiority. He reminds me of the Central Park date murderer, but much older.
    His failures in relationships, marriage, affairs, and sexual assaults are no surprise.

  5. and you think some of these celebs are not hated just as much as Matt? Feldman, Griffin, Cruise, Williams, Clinton, West, all of these people are not liked by many Americans, so what's your point?

  6. I simply can't believed the madness that Matt Lauer has gotten himself into ……
    surely Matt you had to have known that your secret would be " revealed" one day….you are a huge disappointment…I watched you for years…you came across as a wonderful person….buttttttt you fooled "me".

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