Celebs Who Can’t Stand Jay Z

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Hip-hop feuds are nothing new, but no one has had quite as many fights as Jay-Z. With a reported net worth of $810 million in 2017, Jay’s successful career spans over four decades and features plenty of rap beef. Here are some celebrities who haven’t exactly seen eye to eye with the Brooklyn rapper over the years…

Solange Knowles | 0:20
Drake | 0:53
Nas | 1:25
Robert De Niro | 2:05
Kanye West | 2:45
Fat Joe | 3:28
Birdman | 4:02

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  1. 4 decades? lmao….you don't know hip hop. gay-z came out in the 90's. How has his career spanned 4 decades? go back to school and learn math.

  2. a video with no sound. I will not follow other people who hate on this Brother, enough Devils doing that to a whole People! If we would mind our business. Fix your own lives, we could do much more. ….But this is your thing so enjoy

  3. I feel that Jay-Z is learning from his mistakes like everyone else. At least he's trying to show people about their roots. and he's not selling drugs. If he hasn't put Jesus 1st, all of his money will mean nothing! And that's with us all. ….Praying for him thru Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. He once said he didn't believe that Satan exist, and I think that's foolish, but give him time and he'll find out

  4. He's a FRAUD and the same goes for his wife. I think it's disgusting how they capitalized off of their alleged marital problems which in my opinion was a publicly stunt. He has always allegedly cheated and Beyonce knows it but has chosen to save face and protect her fake public image that she portrays as mrs. perfect and being supposed billionaires also doesn't hurt. These two are some of the fakest people in Hollywood who allegedly created fake divorce drama along with their PR TEAM OF SPIN DOCTORS to keep them releveant.

    I think it's disgusting how much praise they get when he's an admitted adulterer who has also been alleged to have had sex with some of his artist's who were under age and who had an alleged mistress CATHY WHITE killed which has never been investigated. Remember what Kanye let out last year "Jay I know you got killers but please don't send them at my head"

  5. Also Jay rented out two military planes and Fat Joe filled them up with supplies to help Puerto Rico !!! He.was prasing Jay on NY radio!! Stop the hate!!!

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