Celebs We Lost Far Too Young In 2017

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It’s always painful to hear that a favorite performer or personality has passed away, but it’s especially devastating when they’re gone at a young age. Here are just a few up-and-coming and far-too-young stars we lost in 2017…

Mike Aktari | 0:13
Clay Adler | 0:37
Toby Smith | 0:59
Paulie Giganti | 1:26
Michael Mantenuto | 1:47
Christopher ‘Big Black’ Boykin | 2:07
Michael Nance | 2:39
Chris Cornell | 3:06
Prodigy | 3:34
Chester Bennington | 3:58
Nelsan Ellis | 4:20
Ralphie May | 4:44
Mychael Knight | 5:04
Brad Bufanda | 5:28
Lil Peep | 5:52

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All The Celebs We Sadly Lost So Far In 2017

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  1. This was really hard to watch. I hope they all rest in peace. I know Kim Jonghyun wasn't in the video but I wanted to pay my respects to him as well. He was a South Korean singer/songwriter and was a member of a band named SHINee. He commited suicide a few weeks ago and was far too young to die. May he rest in peace.

  2. Most of them useless and drug addicts
    The less of them we have the better the world gets
    Except for Chester
    He is a legend
    Loved bis music and it changed my life as well as many others

  3. people who say they don't believe the love one was depressed or say they don't seem depressed don't understand the diease. ppl who are depressed are good at hiding the disease until it's too late. depression is easy to hide. rip to all who have passed

  4. Oh god all the kpop fans are gonna be barging into the comment section whining
    Kpop sucks and it's not even in English

  5. Only ones that I recognized was Ralphie May a little bit. Only other one was Rob Dyrdek from Ridiculousness and he isn't dead.

  6. It pisses me off that Chris Cornell’s wife can’t accept he died from mental health issues! Coroner and toxicologist said Ativan was NOT the cause. I was on its cousin Klonopin. Benzos only relax and create almost euphoric feelings and taking a little extra makes u pass out

    It’s a dangerous pill that creates dependency for sure. Getting off is a fucking nightmare. However you cannot magically hang yourself from a little extra dosage.You will be sleeping because an overdose will make you pass out. Or just relax a lot
    I would also know that. I tried
    taking a shit ton once

    He clearly was addicted and/or took more so he could relax his nerves as he went through with hanging himself.

    She is spreading stigma because she is too sad /fearful to believe he would leave his family .

    She and many don’t understand people hide depression and the pain of mental health issues sometimes is too much to bare and people do kill themselves.

  7. I do not feel bad for drug users and the ones that kill them self, addiction can be beat you have to be strong. I did it. You need friends and family.

  8. I'm sorry but I don't feel sorry for lil peep at all, he clearly took drugs like an idiot and it killed him, if you wanna play with drugs then you're gonna play with your life, there's no excuses, if they found cocaine etc in his system, along with prescriptions mess, then clearly he took it himself, it's not some mystery pill that did it, which even if it was, the idiot still chose to take it, his music was trash anyways so not like we lost much

  9. Oddly enough, Lil Peep. I do not know his music and never heard of him before he died. I do not like tattoos, grills or piercings but the love that shown out of his eyes and facial expressions made me feel that he had SO much more to give. I like what I have heard after looking into his music.

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Celebs We Sadly Lost In 2017

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