Celebs That Ended Up With Totally Regular Jobs

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There’s no business like show business, and for some people, that’s a good thing. For others, fame brings pressure, scrutiny, and seriously hectic schedules that they just can’t handle and would rather avoid. Some of these stars ditched the limelight in favor of low-key lives doing everyday jobs, and they never looked back. Others simply didn’t have a choice, because, well, Hollywood is a cruel, fickle place…

Nikki Blonsky | 0:25
Tiffany | 0:55
Dylan Sprouse | 1:36
Jonathan Bennett | 2:29
Michael Schoeffling | 2:54
Charles Korsmo | 3:12
Kevin Jonas | 3:50
Peter Ostrum | 4:32
Chris Owen | 5:05
Josh Saviano | 5:24

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  1. What happened to Nikki Blonsky was terrible. She was a big part of why Hairspray was such a hit. It's awful she was given almost no opportunities after that movie. I think about someone like Kate Hudson. Hudson did a bad Meg Ryan impersonation in the overrated Almost Famous, which unlike Hairspray was a commercial flop. And from that she was able to make a bunch of bad romantic comedies and have a film career. Hollywood just doesn't make any sense.

  2. Just because they work at normal jobs doesn't mean they're "stuck with normal jobs."
    they all still have money from being famous, they just wanted to work a normal job.S I G H

  3. Dylan is in an upcoming lifetime movie hes just not that deep in acting but you never know he hasn't really been trying

  4. y'all can tell the difference between Cole and Dylan they don't look that similar never have to me they have distinct features that separates them now a days

  5. And those were the bland and nice cases but many people know and was reported that the worst cases happened many decades ago when the many stars from the Silent Cinema had no more jobs at all when the sound came to cinema, after all the fame and glamour some ended up working in gas stations or cheap hotels or retail stores and in some reported cases some of them even committed suicide, very sad

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