Celebs React To H&M Black Kid Monkey Hoodie Ad [Steve Urkel, Joe Moses, T.I, The Weeknd]

Celebs React To H&M Black Kid Monkey Hoodie Ad Steve Urkel, Joe Moses, T I, The WeekndSubscribe

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  1. fuck H&M and everything that they stand for they knew exactly what they were doing when they did that they didn't put anything like that on that little white boy and his parents need to be kicked up a black ass to for letting him wear some shit like that and model some shit like that I will never spend any money at H&M and any black person in their right mind would never shop there again that's letting you know how they feel about the black community fuck them with a sick dick

  2. fuck h&m the employees are trained if a black person comes in the store to ask them if they need help and watch them, I worked there

  3. These stupid motherfyckers, be real, hnm isnt who you should be blaming. blame our government that allows this sort of thing to take place & greenlights it

  4. Who is the first idiot that's pretending to be intelligent,
    How is putting a black child in a jumper that says monkey and jungle on it, which is usual for a top for a lad his age the same as putting a European white boy in a top that said cracker or honkey….
    Little boys don't want a top with crackers on it ..
    Do you see the difference,
    When making a argument have valid points don't just spew shit out you're mouth..
    And h&m didn't apologize for being racist, was this a lie on his part or was he just trying to convince himself and others of what he thinks was there true intent..
    They apologised if it offended's not difficult to understand, unless you're trying to bend the truth.
    This shit is laughable.

  5. Obviously it's more shit to worry about than this. Niggas still trying to wear Tommy Hilfiger…so haul ass. Boycott some real shit!!!


  7. In the Bible it say what make you unclean it's not what you put in your body it's what you speak out that makes you unclean. These company and other racist white people who make clothes like these or any other product they not sorry for what they do they just what they was doing. They know they had the chance to talk with there company before making these . Is these right thing to do but they feel it's the coolest thing to put out so they not sorry they know what they was doing. These the shit we talk about way respect a racist flag.

  8. Why don't you so-called celebs… Joke… Talk to your people about the decline of civilization through your thug life rap hip-hop baby mamas baby daddies fatherless families millions and millions of bastard children draining the welfare system all because blacks wants to overpopulate whitey by any means possible even if it means destroying the family unit and society! Your hip hop rap thug life culture perpetuates a jungle attitude and nature I've been to the zoo I watched the troop of monkeys jumping around in their exhibit it looks exactly like a hip-hop rap concert, fact! Truth! It's an insult to the monkey to compare them to blacks, the next sweatshirt needs to say sorry monkeys. If I need to explain to you why it needs to say sorry monkeys and nothing else then maybe someday you'll reach the intelligence of a monkey. It's just like an ignorant ear responsible distractive attitude to always point the finger outward and never look inward.

  9. I want a black hoodie with a drawing of a saltine cracker on the front of it with two eyes two hands and 2 feet on the back of the sweatshirt it shows the backside of the saltine with the backside of two hands and 2 feet with no butt, because you know whitep people don't have butts I would wear it proudly but then again I'm not blk.

  10. You people are fucking morons, it's a sweater that is in no way shape or form intended to be racist, what's wrong with the world? You sensitive ass people that can't see a sweater without getting upset.

  11. Nonsense! A monkey is not a misconstrued whatever in a Kong da view. It’s an animal. It’s not a sub race, in the opposite some
    Kids loves more monkeys or any other animals than any human.

  12. It's no need to protest when most black people gonna still sell out for the mighty dollar. Look at the black actors Martin Laurence, Will Smith, Shaq, Kevin Hart, Eddie Murphy even Richard Pryor is Prince Hall Masons but yet White Masons made them dressed up like a woman, what's equal about that. SMH

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