Celebs React To Chris Cornell’s Sudden Death

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Shocking news of Chris Cornell’s death has many of the singer’s celeb friends taking to social media to share their heartbreak and condolences.

52-year-old grunge legend and renowned rock vocalist Chris Cornell was found dead on the floor of his bathroom inside his hotel room, just hours after playing a sold-out show with his band, Soundgarden, in Detroit. His death was determined as a suicide by hanging by the medical examiner, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Chris’s representative called the death QUOTE, “sudden and unexpected” in a statement to Us Weekly. And as soon as news of his shocking and tragic death broke, celebs took to twitter to share their thoughts, feelings, and condolences.

Elton John tweeted out a picture of Chris, along with the QUOTE, “Shocked and saddened by the sudden death of @chriscornell. A great singer, songwriter and the loveliest man.”

Meanwhile Carson Daly wrote QUOTE, “I’m so shocked to wake up and hear about the sudden passing of Chris Cornell. A quintessential voice of a generation. Praying for his family”.

Gwen Stefani’s ex Gavin Rossdale also tuned in, writing in all caps QUOTE, “I AM SO SADDENED BY CHRIS CORNELL PASSING. @soundgarden TOTAL SHOCK.GREAT MAN.GREAT BAND.GREAT LOSS. LOVE TO EVERYONE IN HIS WORLD. XXX”

Meanwhile Sirius XM host Eric Alper tweeted a quote from Chris that read “Be yourself is all you can do”, along with the caption QUOTE, “Chris Cornell got it right”.

And Niall Horan also shared his thoughts, tweeting QUOTE, “Sad to hear about Chris Cornell . Was literally listening to soundgarden last night on the plane, great singer !

Countless other celebs shared echoed the same sentiments, sharing feelings of sadness and disbelief, while also sending out their thoughts and prayers to Chris’s family and friends, and commenting on what an incredible talent he was.

We here at Clevver are also sending our thoughts and well-wishes to Chris’s friends and family at this difficult time.

Alright guys feel free to post your thoughts and reactions to Chris Cornell’s sudden passing in the comments section below. Thanks for joining me today on News Feed, I’m your host Tom Plumley and I’ll see you next time.

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Leave a Reply
    You were a lovely man
    You were bright
    You were nice
    And we will miss you very much

  2. I am truly saddened by the passing of this extremely talented man. I'm sure he struggled with his demons everyday.. but always got on that big beautiful stage of his… and gave it his all. that I am thankful for. prayers to his wife & children and his family. God's Speed.

  3. Condolences to family … Rest in peace and Heaven and Thank You for everything Mister Sir Chris Cornell Legend … Saucesce porodici … Pocivajte u miru i Raju , neka je laka zemlja , vecna slava i veliko Hvala na svemu Legendo … Amen … Amin …

  4. A lot of things about this situation seems very dodgy. Apparently his wife saw no signs of depression, yet sent a family friend to check up on Chris…? Why would a fully grown man need to be checked up on? Then apparently the friend is the one who found him dead, on the floor, but apparently it was a hanging. Wouldn't the friend see the evidence of a hanging, why would the medical examiner be the one to figure it out. Its not like Chris could magically remove the evidence of a hanging before he was fully gone. Idk nothing seems to add up, and I am wondering if something else happened.

    RIP Chris :'(

  5. Such a gifted musical talent and great singer and songwriter, gone too soon. Rest in peace Chris Cornell.

  6. It's heartbreaking!! This dude was the voice and there will never be another like him 🙁 don't know what else to say

  7. I am blessed enough to have seen Chris perform 3 times (Audioslave 1x, solo 2x) in my 29 years of life, but it still wasn't enough! Chris was an extremely talented musician, singer and song-writer who- in my opinion- deserved a lot more recognition in the industry than he received. It's immensely sad that I won't be able to hear new music from him anymore, but at least all of his fans can still blast his previous gems! (Who else wanted to see/hear Audioslave reunite) ? May God bless Chris's family and friends during this awful time…

  8. Yes Chris ACCIDENTALLY overdosed, just like Heath Ledger …… Who's to blame ? Certainly NOT Chris as all he did was share his gift with the world…
    Maybe you should look at your government who's FDA allowed a drug like this in the market….. A drug that helps your anxiety, But gives you a side affect of being suicidal !!!
    Yet you lock up people who smoke Marijuana !!!

  9. I do not believe this was a suicide. I hope the truth will be found out…..doubtful but I wish so much it could be. He LOVED his family with such heart and soul, he would never hurt them, he was not selfish. I just don't understand his passing

  10. I'm still crying over this. May you RIP Mr. Cornell and may time bring some comfort to your family with remembering good days spent with him.

  11. I'm slightly confused how he hung himself, but was found on the floor. its not like he could've taken himself down afterwards

  12. the single reason i started playing music, from the great rock of soundgarden/audioslave to the solo albums. i truly belive he was on his way to being the next bob dylan.

  13. Holy shit can someone please give some music education to the ones who have never heard of Chris? You guys have missed out on the good shit.

  14. WHAT??????!!!!!!!!!!! WHY am I hearing about his death NOW?????!!!!!! I know I don't have cable t.v. ..but I STILL HAVE Internet…and I DIDN'T hear about Chris Cornell's death TILL NOW. WOW!!!! I am TOTALLY SHOCKED!!!!! How is Eddie Vedder taking this?????!

  15. I`m still shocked!!! So useless this passing!
    Poor kids and his wife! I hate this sickness! Might have been a lifefight which "the black dog" won.
    That`s how sir Winston Churchill called his depressions!

  16. man kids now a days are just stupid you want to hear music look up and hear chris Cornell's music R.I.P chris cornell and these kid just need to shout their mouths and open their ears

  17. r.i.p your music and exceptionally one of a kind voice and song writings will never be replaced
    but always and forever be remembered and never forgot. may you rest peacefully brother. tragic loss. Thank you Chris.

  18. his death makes no sense they say they found him in the bathroom laying on the floor and that his death was a suicide by hanging himself ?

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