Celebs BOYCOTT Twitter & Here’s Why

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Repeat after me. We will not tweet today.

As you know, Hollywood is crawling with douche-bags. Cough-Harvey Weinstein-cough. Actually, every industry in the world has cases of sexual harassment. Shoot- look at the White House. But we’re cleaning house. Starting with Harvey Weinstein who’s been running Hollywood for way too long. Thanks to Ronan Farrow’s expose in The New Yorker- tons of female celebrities have come out with their stories accusing the film mogul of sexual harassment, forced masturbation, even rape. Effing disgusting- but not surprising. I’ve got my own horrible stories to share which I will be tweeting about, WITH NAME DROPS… but tomorrow. Not today, cuz I can’t tweet today. And maybe neither should you.

Rose McGowan has been one of the most vocal celebs to call out Harvey Weinstein AND Ben Affleck for misrepresenting how much he didn’t know about Harvey’s history of assault. In the past Rose had admitted to being raped by a powerful film titan, but she’s finally named him- Harvey Weinstein. And to our shock, her Twitter account was suddenly suspended. Allegedly, she broke their terms of contract by tweeting out someone’s phone number. But what it really looked like was that a rape survivor was silenced for calling out a powerful mogul. In fact, she instagrammed this pic of her suspended Twitter account with the caption “TWITTER HAS SUSPENDED ME. THERE ARE POWERFUL FORCES AT WORK. BE MY VOICE.” Twitter’s decision to silence her sent a dangerous message so the hashtag #WomenBoycottTwitter was born. And male and female celebs alike united and promised to stay off twitter today.

Kerry Washington tweeted “Starts now.” Elizabeth Banks promised to stay off of Twitter today. Gabrielle Union said “Let’s go.” Gina Rodriguez wrote yesterday “I stand with my sisters “I won’t be live tweeting the premiere of Jane the Virgin tomorrow. Instead come on over to @instagram I’ll do BTS!” Chrissy Teigen also joined in the protest and the comments she received after her announcement only proved her point. “Ladies. Let’s do this,” she wrote initially. “#WomenBoycottTwitter. Not because of hate but because I love this platform and know it can be better.” According to screenshots she posted, her mentions were instantly filled with remarks like, “Are you a fan of a good butt spanking?”, “aight bitch leave,” and “It’s alright, Twitter is a better place without you easily offended feminist b—ches.” So Chrissy screenshotted them and reposted them with the text: My mentions since posting #WomenBoycottTwitter 3 minutes ago #thisiswhy.” And for those of you thinking that, well, Twitter, is just following their protocol for threatening tweets- we must note the disconnect in Twitter’s policy.

White supremacists and neo-Nazis are able to maintain their accounts, but McGowan tweeting a phone number is grounds for suspension. Someone tweeted this side by side pic. They wrote, “One of these people is a white supremacist. The other is an actress who spoke out on sexual harassment. Guess who was suspended by Twitter? Exactly. And Ghostbusters director Paul Feig tweeted how President Trump “threatened to wipe out another country” using Twitter and yet did not get suspended. Twitter finally reactivated her account and pledged their support to women in an official statement.

Well, I say we make the message stick. If you want to unite with this movement, turn off your Twitter today. I did it. And voice your opinions on Instagram. These will affect how much money Twitter makes today. Let me know where you stand on this issue. Follow me on Twitter TOMORROW, not today. And hit me up on Insta @Miriam_isa. And to really get that blood boiling today click over here for Cara Delevingne and a slew of more actresses sharing THEIR stories of being abused by Harvey Weinstein. I’m Miriam Isa, and thanks for watching Clevver.

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  1. Was asked to be my voice, so decided to do the opposite of speak out. Anyone else think that this could have been done so much better?

  2. She tweeted out someone's phone number, and she was cussing in every tweet. While typically, cussing isn't enough to suspend your account, I firmly believe that a combination of both caused her suspension

  3. So you guys on Clevver act so supportive to assault victims in this video, but when Rob K was assaulted by Blac Chyna you guys took that as a joke?

  4. This is my last clevver news vids. It was entertaining at first but this channel has become more and more stupid. The ppl running this channel wants to keep society distracted and dumb. I can no longer support these idiots.

    Ladies and gentlemen please use your critical thinking skills to analyze all info presented to you. Stay smart. Don't be a sheep. Not all things that shine are gold.

  5. I'm so sick of all the "butthurt feminist" tweets. People don't even know wtf a feminist is. A girl makes a sexual song, she's a slut. A guy makes an entire sexual album, he's a god. A girl wears some remotely revealing clothes cos she's proud of her body, she's a whore/slut. A guy sags his pants, he's a gangster. People neglect to realize how much shit women are silenced on to this day and the second we actually have a platform and actually call out the shit, we're suddenly called "feminists" and some stupid shit.

  6. Wtf she tweeted out someone's number and that was in violation of the twitter she was in the wrong I get that they wanna speak their mind but don't tweet somebody's number and that post about the white dude and the actress was crazy he didn't violate the terms of twitter she did y'all need to chill sorry

  7. Did any of you boycott twitter when Leslie Jones was being racially targeted? How about recently when Jamie hill was suspended for calling out the president for his obvious racism. One white girl gets temporarily suspended for breaking the rules and every person of color is jumping on this wagon. You're all full of shit and you know it. Shame on all of you.

  8. This is coming from someone who was sexually assaulted as a child- YOU TWEETED OUT SOMEONES PHONE NUMBER. THATS WHY YOU WERE SUSPENDED. GET OVER IT.

  9. OMG this host is terrible! The reporting of this story is so shady and single minded. Sweetie, one has unpopular ideas that most sane people don't agree with, the other DID BREAK THE TERMS OF POLICY! Are you that stupid?! Most sane people don't agree with feminazis either, but they still have the right to voice their stupidity. As for the Harvey bit, yeah, he's an asshole and I hope he gets what he deserves. I feel bad for Georgina – lovely woman.
    But seriously, get a host with a higher IQ please!

  10. "Hey, we already have a carrier, we have a couple of Oscars, we got our money – let's support woman, he's drowning anyway…"

  11. Hollywood didn't want to talk about this till people started requesting it. And stop acting like only women can get sexually assaulted or rape. smh

  12. Twitter is a business. YouTube now as well. if they lose business because people don't want their product because of gross harassment then they can ban who ever they want. all they have to do is have a policy on behavior in agreement and then ban the sexist or racist as*ho*es. that simple. people will decide when they have had enough of these idiots and start to use their power (loss of clicks$/ad revenue) to shut down the ignorant.

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