Celebrity Big Brother Updates & Spoilers 02/20/18

Celebrity Big Brother Updates & Spoilers 02/20/18
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  1. Sadly it was a waste to even use 2xs bc no matter they were sending Baby Metta home. But I will miss him . Wow what another wasted night of my time . Ohh OMIs HOH was another waste! Lol Thanks for your alerts Always look forward to them 🙂

  2. How can mark and james be so clueless, if your alliance member is fighting to get out a non threat and keep a power duo…. Wouldn't that seem sketchy af

  3. I think he'll put up Ari and Brandi, Omarosa didn't put him up so I don't think he'll put her up. Plus he can use the excuse of Ari being his target because she put him up and Brandi would be a vote for her.

  4. I think having a jury and making the celebrities commit to the length of the season to get their money might have prevented these shenanigans. Oh well, live and learn.

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