Celebrities Who’ve Been Publicly Fat Shamed

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If you spend any time at all in comment sections online, you know that women in Hollywood who are more than half a size above “stick figure” are quickly called “fat” by anonymous posters. Sometimes, the hate even comes from other celebs, or members of the press. Here are some of the most outrageous attacks—and the inspiring responses they received from the stars themselves…

Ashley Graham | 0:20
Melissa McCarthy | 0:51
Sam Smith | 1:16
Jessica Simpson | 1:46
Tyra Banks | 2:17
Chrissy Teigen | 2:46
Adele | 3:04
Chloë Grace Moretz | 3:30
Jennifer Lawrence | 3:58
Kelly Clarkson | 4:28

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  1. I'm sorry – but, people putting themselves out there (like Ashley Graham) as a 'model' is essentially telling us she is the model for humans. I feel someone that heavy is sending a terrible terrible message to youngsters. By celebrating such obesity, we actually endanger and shorten people's lives. I agree – we shouldn't fat shame, but we also should not celebrate obesity. And – to be fair – if you are putting yourself out there to make a living for being famous, you have to know – you are putting yourself out there and need to hope for the best and expect the worst. and grow a thick skin.

  2. I actually don't think the article on Jennifer Lawrence was fat shaming – although maybe a tad rude, they are right – if you are a fan of the book series, specifically, the character was (as they mention) starving. Part of being the character that fans are so enamored of is to represent that character fairly. many actors gain or lose weight as part of the craft to represent the character. She was not representing the character faithfully and I was disappointed by the weight gain as well.

  3. These pathetic fools know that there's a war on right? life isn't all shopping and limos.

    The saying holds true ""even winners can be losers"

  4. How is Cheryl Tiegs trolling somebody and looking like the crypt keeper? Girl, go back and tend to your own cemetery garden.

  5. The Jennifer Lawrence one has some weight (geddit?) because Katniss was very small and skinny.
    I do however love JLaw and her performance as Katniss

  6. Well 90% of the names in this video are fat so it is not a shocker…they live in the public eye and that comes with it. Adele, Kelly Clarkson, Ashley Graham, Melissa McCarthy are actually obese. Tiegen is not fat but how she became a model is beyond me. If the media would quit glorifying obesity and call fat curves etc people may take their health and appearance more seriously

  7. You could also add Lady Gaga, after people called her 'fat' after her stellar Super Bowl Performance, and posted on her instagram that she loves her body and encouraged everyone to love theirs too

  8. As long as youre lightskinned with mixed people hair no one cares what a body looks like. If you are dark skinned and not remarkably attractive or physically beautiful big butt helps or even a big chest. Thats the message ive gotten for years.

  9. The J Law comment wasn't fat shaming.
    It was about the character she was playing and a play on words about the title of the movie.
    Gluttony vs Desperation
    Someone was bound to make this joke off the title.
    I always thought that the title sucked due to the probability of this exact joke being referenced.

  10. people are effed up. how could anyone make nasty remarks about another persons weight? all those celebs are very successful so they got the last laugh. weight gain happens, who cares

  11. A very positive video for a change, however, it is ashame that young children ,view videos that do not include positive attitudes as seen in these celebrities,
    resulting in a fixation of vanity that may lead to the belief that they fit into the category of not being seen to be good enough in societies eyes ,either due to viewing themselves as fat or not possessing cover girl looks i.e. a physical dysmorphia
    Thus finding themselves in a condition of constant self loathing mainly perpetuated by social media totally
    obsessed with image.
    Leading to tragic circumstances such as seen in the rising suicide idealation in Ireland
    of children and teenagers.
    What a tragic waste of potential future adults, who may have created a difference in a media world infiltrated with zombies who write or voice bitchy remarks
    in celebrity paparazzi gutter mags or on social websites.

  12. most of the people on this list aren't that obese and even if someone is fat and its unhealthy fatshaming is never right. You can't force someone to look how you want them too.

  13. they're all beautiful I don't know why Hollywood always tries to make everybody feel like they're not good enough and makes tries to make the whole world feel especially women like they're not good enough people are different shapes and sizes everybody has something beautiful about them

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