Celebrities Wear Black On The Red Carpet At The 2018 Golden Globes

Reese Witherspoon, Eva Longoria and more female celebrities joined forces at the 2018 Golden Globes and hit the carpet wearing black to show solidarity with victims of sexual harassment and assault. Check out the arrivals!

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Celebrities Wear Black On The Red Carpet At The 2018 Golden Globes | Access


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  1. Is every awards show going to be some political statement now ,these women had no problem getting rich off an industry they are now protesting… can I have my money back

  2. What an incredibly idiotic and useless attempt to raise awareness. Why didn't they recycle on old dress from their closet and get fashion houses to donate the money it would have cost to have a red carpet dress made to charities supporting assault victims and womens' groups? Hollywood is so lame and vacuous. Ooohh… wearing a black $8000 gown – what a [email protected]#$ing idiotic and useless exercise and "statement". I'm not sure what it achieved? Telling us what we already know – that the industry is rife with sexual harrassment and assault? Wow. Thank you stupid Hollywood actors for wearing black. You really helped the movement. note the sarcasm Last time I checked, my local womens shelter still can't support all the abused women and children who turn up each day. One of your stupid black ball gowns probably could have paid for a few more beds and support services for these women. Probably could paid to help a couple of victims get support therapy. Yes, very creative Hollywood women. Also very incredibly lame.

  3. These celebrities have isolated themselves from reality to the extent that they actually think that the color of their clothing somehow does something for the people that have been sexually violated by the predators that have found safe-haven in the Hollywood community for decades. Lets face it, for the number of allegations that have surfaced in the last 3 months, sexual assault is a reality that is ingrained in the very fiber of Hollywood culture. So much so, that they gave an award to a rapist of underage girls (Polanski) and celebrate him. The color of your clothes is nothing but nonsensical virtue-signaling, and merely symbolism over substance. They are so delusional from the corrosive affects of celebrity, that they assume that just because they are famous, they are automatically conferred credibility and the moral high-ground. Just sing your pretty songs, make your intellect-deadening tediously pretentious picture shows and STFU.

  4. This video is ridiculous they were not wearing black for fashion statement and thus music is offensive, the whole video is.

  5. How funny. I was watching the news this morning and saw a bunch of actors all dressed in black giving each other trophy's? I guess it was all about women being offended at men showing interest in them. What ever happened to "I am women hear me roar!" What a bunch of demented angry feminists. What a bunch of hypocrites! I'll bet every one of those women at that gathering slept their way into the movie business. Most of them basically make porn. Have you seen any movie in the last ten years that didn't have at least thirty minutes of smut scattered throughout the movie? What a joke these people are. Typical Democrats.

  6. I'm sorry but I don't think you understand the point of the black dresses it's a POLITICAL statement not a fashion thing. You guys are completely ruining the whole point of this it's not to "show off her good legs" It's insulting they are doing it to make a statement that sexual assault is NOT ok.

  7. I bet none of these actresses have even ever googled these topics they're "supporting". Please go back to getting paid to be naked on camera and then spending that money

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