Cardi B DRAGS Offset In NEW Emotional Single “Be Careful”

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Cardi B is opening up about infidelity in her new single “Be Careful” and fans think she is dragging Offset!

We’re so excited for this album, especially if we get to see more sides of Cardi.

HOST: Cardi B shot to mainstream success with hits like “Bodak Yellow” and “Bartier Cardi”, so of course many were thrilled when she revealed that her debut album “Invasion of Privacy” will finally be released on April 6th. At midnight she dropped her new single, “Be Careful”, which displays a different side of Cardi musically and breaks down the effects of cheating. Check out some of the lyrics from the first verse.

Cardi B and Offset made headlines when rumors of Offset cheating on his fiancée surfaced because of photos and videos. Although she doesn’t directly say Offset’s name in the song, many fans are convinced she is referring to him.

One fan tweeted, Cardi B dragging Offset on Be Careful and I am all here for it because it’s what he deserves.

While another tweeted, Cardi B really switched up the flow. I can tell this song about Offset, and she forreal hurt, idc how you twist it. She can play tough, but being a celebrity is getting to her, she just want a normal relationship.

Speaking of switching it up, the song has received mixed reviews. Many fans aren’t used to this softer more emotional side of Cardi. The lyrics show some vulnerability and she even sings on this track.

So of course everybody has something to say.

On the negative side, someone tweeted, Wow “Be Careful” Is Terrible… Like SIMPLY Terrible. This The Girl Yall Said Was Better Than Nicki Minaj?

Another said, I think Cardi meant to drop Be Careful on April 1st because…issa joke

In Cardi’s defense, One twitter user said, “Be Careful is literally a psychology examination of how the human mind works. everyone got accustomed to one sound from Cardi B that when she switches up, it’s bizarre for them so they call it trash.”

Another user said, be careful by cardi b isn’t bad at all… that’s the problem with this generation y’all can’t vibe, everything gotta be lit to yall

Regardless of what people think, Cardi B is proud of it and has already responded to the haters. First she tweeted “You gotta switch it up sometimes.”

Then she tweeted, “You wanna know something the ones hating are the same people that never liked me or my songs but stayed up all night to listen to Cardi B !”

OKURRR. Don’t you just love when people respond to haters. Anyway, I’m sure there are plenty of fans who love the switch up and those same haters will be listening to her album too, but now it’s time to hear your thoughts. What do you think about Cardi’s new single and are you excited for the album? Let us know in the comment section below and then click right over here to see Cardi troll fans with a cheetah girls song. I’m your host Emile Ennis Jr thanks so much for waching Clevver and I’ll see you next time.

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  1. It’s not as good as the other two songs but it certainly isn’t bad. Also I’m sick of hearing the same beat with different lyrics that mean the same thing to rap songs so I love it

  2. The song is bomb if you listen to the lyrics it shows how their relationship really was and it showed that she really did love him and was really heart broken with what he did.

  3. WHY IS SHE "FAMOUS"? she can't rap she can't sing she ridiculously over the top with her "image/personality" it's so fake and so sad

  4. She is giving his behind a warning. Obviously the song is about Offset. OBVIOUSLY. But this is such a good song. Most of these men out here need to be careful. This aint the fifties anymore, you mess with a bad bitch…you get the BARK….!

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