Cardi B CONFIRMS She Secretly Married Offset

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Seems like it was just this morning that TMZ released a marriage certificate pertaining to the secret nuptials of a Miss Cardi B and a Mr. Offset. Aaaand that’s because it was just this morning, and the internet was SHOOK. According to the certificate, the two have actually been married since September, despite getting publicly engaged in October… one month AFTER they actually wed. As you can imagine, fans had a loooot of questions, and Cardi has set the record straight, by addressing the news, because let’s face it.. you can’t deny a marriage certificate.
She took to Twitter to post a short, but sincere letter to her fans, with the caption QUOTE “This why i name my album “Invasion of privacy” cause people will do the most to be nosey about your life .Welp it.”
In her letter, Cardi explains that the wedding happened out of pure love for one another. She writes QUOTE “Our relationship was new breaking up and making up and we had a lo of growing up to do but we was so in love we didn’t want to lose each other, was one morning in September we woke up and decided to get married. We found someone to marry us, and she did, just the two of us, and my cousin. I said I do, with no dress no makeup and no ring! I appreciate and love my husband so much for still wanting for have that special moment that every girl dreams of when he got down on his knee and put a ring on my finger and he did that for me!!”
Obviously a lot of questions arose from the fact that Cardi and Offset had a very public engagement, despite the fact that they were already married, but in her letter, it’s clear that he still wanted her to have that fairy tale moment and being proposed to, and it is really sweet.
And because she’s a boss, Cardi ends her letter writing QUOTE “Well now since you lil nosey fucks know at least ya can stop saying I had a baby out of wedlock.”
Now it’s time for you to weigh in with your thoughts on Cardi conforming that she’s already married! So sound off in the comments and then you can click here for all the best dressed at the BET Awards on a brand new Dirty Laundry. And of course make sure you hit that subscribe button for even more from Clever. I’m your host, Sinead de Vries, and I’ll see you guys next time.

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  1. Hey didn't michael jackson die today in 2009 am i the only one who recalls this and i was like what 3 at the time

  2. …..congrats I guess but then again this shows how trashy offset is, cheating on his wife and blowing smoke in his very pregnant wife's face

  3. Congrats to Cardi. That's very sweet. I wish them much love and happiness and health for their baby. ❤❤❤❤
    Ariana and Pete who?

  4. Aww it’s so cute good for them what has it got to do with anyone at all I love that it was kept from everyone yes to that

  5. Ever get the feeling that TMZ only found it cause they were looking for dirt on offset by searching public records?

  6. Who the hell cares?! Some of y’all doing the most already. People be so quick to judge the next person! Super irra

  7. So that's why she didn't leave him when he cheated!!!it's a little more difficult to leave your husband than your fiancé

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