Camila Cabello Gives Taylor Swift Update | E! Live from the Red Carpet

The Fifth Harmony member opens up to Todd Chrisley about her close friend at the 2016 CMT Music Awards. Listen in.


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Camila Cabello Gives Taylor Swift Update | E! Live from the Red Carpet

Written by Jennifer

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  1. I hope you read this. this is a very stupid question to ask and shitty things to do people you're interviewing… they're Fifth Harmony not Camila only… you can have plenty news and stories to cover but this asked Taylor update idiot question??? they have a new album just released 2 weeks ago, they performing in cmt with cam country. …. I hope after you read this, please just take down this video.

  2. They should question why a grown women like taylor swift who's 26 would wanna be BFF's with a teenager like camila. it creeped me out with lord but now its getting ridiculous. its embarrassing.

  3. Relax people and calm down. They know Camila is friends with Taylor so they asked about her. It's no big deal. Stop throwing shade at Camila. It's not her fault that she is friends with Taylor Swift. It's almost like you're jealous that Camila and Taylor are friends. Get over it.

  4. Dios mío, is not Camila's fault that they ask these questions about her friendship with Taylor. Would you stop with the hate? You are the reason why she is always so shy and looks sad on interviews.

  5. owwww quién más notó q Lauren no iba a levantar la mano (solo lo hizo cuando todas levantaron y con duda) e incluso sonrió cuando preguntaron quienes estaban solteras ♥♥♥ espero q si hay alguien la valore como merece (hay tanto aprovechado a veces) y cuiden de no exponerse

  6. I love how right after camila says "I am" Normani says "well I'm not gonna lie" and puts her hand up.. Also the hesitation Lauren has

  7. Camila is very egocentric. She is on top and she knows that but she even wants more. No fucks given about her band mates. She never puts herself in the shoes of the other girls, not even one bit. And when the girls do the same to her, it hits the news as camila being shaded by her band-mate. She could make their situation less awkward but instead she is really living the glorification she gets big thanks to their management. Even though, we're selfish beings, sometimes the ego gets you on top and when you look around, you have nobody important to celebrate your success with. People are not jealous of her friendships. It gets thrown to everybody's face and she feels sorry for nobody. I bet if God was a person and befriended her, she would never talk about Taylor swift again.

  8. 0:08 Interviewer: "I'm going to teach you girls how to date properly and how to get a good guy"
    Lauren: Thank you ( her face of nobody fucking cares)

  9. "I'm going to teach you girls how to date properly and how to get a good guy" lol lauren's face was like "bitch who are you"

  10. This guy made the girls feel very uncomfortable. I mean, wtf is he saying?! "I'm gonna teach you how to date properly and how to get a good guy". That's ridiculous. The girls are not stupid. God bless Lauren for saying "Thank you" sarcastically and Camila for saying "Not a guy in general". And then he keeps pressing on and asks Camila about Taylor Swift. TS has nothing to do with 5H and you can see how uncomfortable they got. Camila couldn't even answer his question without stuttering. Then he went on about how he could help Taylor find someone and it's ridiculous and sexist.

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