BREAKING NEWS! Justin Bieber & Hailey Baldwin Are Engaged!

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Justin Bieber & Hailey Baldwin Are Engaged!

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  1. Ew no! Nope. Nah. Nada. Bish. No. Nerp! Nerp! Not!

    I don’t think he’s compatible enough to get engaged or mature enough.

  2. Finally justin is going far from selena. Wow. Now selena will live happy life and no more broken heart. I pray to god he never come back to her life.

  3. They decided to let the past go and started a new chapter in their lives, good for them. Her parents are happy for them as well, let bygones be bygones!!!!! Wish them all the best life has to offer them.

  4. I'm happy for Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin that they found love. But I feel so bad for poor Selena Gomez I thought she was his true love but then when they got back together they broke up maybe it was due to a lot of stress from her health problems. Then he went back to Hailey Baldwin and proposed to her.

  5. I bet selena was hoping that fans would be upset but people are actually excited for justin and hailey. Finally justin has broken free from selena and he can no longer be in the dwelling of the same shit news over selena. He has literally turn the pages now, that entertainment new can now talk about something diffrent then the same jelena news that has been going on over and over for years. And now that chapter is finally closed and we can talk about something better now. We all knew justin was and has been over Selena but couldn't break free from her bullshit negativity that surrounds her. Even his parents are happy he's not living under the negativity dullness weight over selena and justin news. He is a positive place and is in brighter spirits and has the full support from his family and hinestly i think they are glad this happenes. Im happy for him and hailey. Yup selena is damaged so no point in fixing her ha ha. Selena can dewll live in the pass and keep trying to get people to still talk about her and justin and blah blah blah. Selena is old news and we can dump her emotions in the trash. Bye falisha!!!

  6. 25 ?? ..correction he's still 24 ..tssk not fully happy i guess ..cuz i still got that feeling that his feeling to hailey is not that genuine ..but whether it is or not long as his happy happy for him ..he's been heartbroken for too long ..

  7. Getting engaged at a whim – (following Arianna Grande and Pete Davidson) so this is latest trend huh?! Don't sweat y'll, it will last just 2 seconds.

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