Bollywood Celebs Reaction On Nawazuddin Siddiqui’s Insult On Dark Skin Colour Racism In Bollywood

Watch Bollywood celebs such as Shraddha Kapoor, Radhika Apte along with Urvashi Rautela and Shatrughan Sinha react to Nawzuddin Siddiqui’s recent tweet on racism in Bollywood.

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  1. best reply by Nawazuddin…sir
    big salute to him
    best actor,he is a theatre artist and he is a real actor…I have ever seen…

  2. shradha the hypocrite. cant act, at least don't be fake person. who was the celebrity endorsing the INSTANT FAIRNESS Vaseline? certainly can't be someone who thinks beauty is skin deep. also why would urvashi rautela disagree on this subject. she herself knows shes in bollywood because of her physical looks and body, 'cause she can't act either.

  3. Kala gora kia hota hai yar….nawazuddin siddiqui india ko wo actor mila hai jiska clibar amitabh aur dilip kumar ki acting ka hai wo aise role kr sakhta hai jo shahrukh salman aamir aur saif jaise actor nhi kr sakhte……uski acting mai reality hai……aise actor dikhne ko bilkul nhi milte…..

  4. Real movies comes from nawazuddin siddique &irfan khan..keep going,keep giving us good film.. dnt give a ear to the people who troll u uselessly…

  5. Why do they ask these Bollywood intellectual question. They end up talking rubbish, like her. "Beauty is skin deep". Does she knows what she is saying

  6. gore rang pe na itna gumaan kar gora rang do din me dhaljayega
    media vaalon ko
    baat ka Batangad banane ki Sadat kahan jaati hai

  7. Nawaj sirs acting is unbelievable… Love u sir…ur a self made star…and the dialogue " bap ka dada ka bhai ka sobka bodla lega re tera ye faisal " deserve award …the way u said it…jst waw!! weuv u for ur amazing acting…

  8. Beauty does not depend upon white colour
    If white colour is so important then why we are not using salt for wounds as ornament.

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