Bollywood Celebs at Celebration Sports Club To Pay Their Last Respects To Sridevi

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  1. Just listen to the paparazzi, they’r disgusting the comments they’r making, there’s no respect whatsoever singing songs commenting on who’s in wat film, it’s making me so angry! Plz have respect for this fantastic person who’s passed away it’s as if they’r not even human! For them it’s something to do! Just standing there taking pictures of celebrities commenting on who’s turned up and how they look etc! Disgusting!!

  2. yeh sab aise aati hain jaise koi party mein ayee hain. khule, bal, bare bare purses, full make up jaise fashion competetion mein padhari hon. kisi ki mayat mein ayee hain, sober ban ke aaen. Sridevi ki maut pe ayee hain, jhanvi ki shadi mein nae. Har waqat apni appearance ki fikar lagi hoti hain in showbiz walon ko

  3. wow Indian…hundreds of kids been killed in Syria and you never talk about that…a women died because she was heavily drunk and you……..

  4. This media is not much preferable…have some respect and comment according to the situation..I don't think so any singing is required…

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