Bollywood Celeb Kids CAUGHT Drunk In Public – Sohail Khan Son,Akshay Kumar Son Aarav,Saif Son

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  1. In logo se toh 100x achaa hai Sachin Tendulkar ka beta arjun… He is try hard to be a good cricket player like his father….

  2. it's their life their wish to party or not…just because this paparazzi media wants to make news they ran behind them…they just hide face and even smiled …they were talking to each other …. why in comments section people are so judging. ..if they want something else to be done why don't they do by themselves

  3. parents have no time for their children so they are drunk, again they will be divorcee, extra marital affairs etc. so try to avoid their life style

  4. मा बाप का पेसा हे मोज तो कर्ना ही पडेगाना।Welll done..

  5. Arey bacho ko enjoy kr lene do yr …bunch of kids jst trying to hv fun …or jo log negative comments kr re h saalo apna teenage bhul gye..kitne chutiyaape kiye h ..

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