Bella Hadid & The Weeknd Spotted KISSING in Cannes – Are They Back On?

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Bella Hadid denied rumors that she was kissing the Weeknd at Coachella, but she can’t deny that she was smooching him at Cannes.

Could these exes be getting back together? It sure looks like it!

Bella Hadid and The Weeknd were reportedly getting cozy at a Coachella party last month, but the supermodel was quick to shut down that speculation. Bella said QUOTE “it wasn’t me” regarding the rumors, seemingly proving that nothing was going on between her and her ex. Fast forward to the 2018 Cannes (can) Film Festival, which is happening as we speak, however, and it appears that there actually IS something going on between Bella and The Weeknd.

The exes reunited at one of the film festival’s after parties last night. A fan caught the “Call Out My Name” singer going up to greet the model and giving her a hug and kiss on the cheek.

The greeting didn’t seem to be anything too series, as Bella and The Weeknd remained friends following their 2016 breakup. But here’s where it gets a little bit juicy. The celebrities were caught kissing later in the night and this time Bella can’t deny it, because there’s photographic evidence!

An insider who was at the party tells Page Six QUOTE “She had her arm around him, was rubbing his head and massaging his back. They were talking really close, almost kissing, and then it looked like … it happened.”

Bella and The Weeknd left the party together, too, so now I have to ask — are they back together? Sources tell E! News that they have been QUOTE “secretly seeing each other recently” but “are not official.”

The source explained last month QUOTE “They are just getting back to a good place. She loves hanging out with Abel and they always have fun together and is very hopeful of their future relationship.”

Bella and The Weeknd could be dating again, but they could also just be friends who are testing the waters on another romance. Do you think Abella will get back together officially, or will they continue to just have fun? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below and then click here to find out why Bella Hadid’s outfit from the Met Gala landed on our best-dressed list. I’m your host Drew Dorsey thanks so much for watching Clevver and i’ll see you next time.

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  1. I not against it people………… But m not really on her side since she is not letting gigi get back with zayn…. Ik its stupid n she must be doing it for her sis but m honest i want zigi back

  2. Can you please make a video about a 26-year-old guy broke into Rihanna’s house

  3. That will never work it was an ex for reason ,it was d same busy work timing that really cause d breaking up,Selena had more time to go and airport him ,he said he is going between her lips not your heart ,he want Bella back ,he crying for Selena call out his name o

  4. All them fucking bitches that fuck with him after Selena when he was single he use them up as old cloth ,and he blowing up with Bella now I hope he dose not have to cry again ,she know she wanted home back she was just playing games please

  5. She is so stupid. Abel ditched her for Selena and when Selena ditched him he wants Bella back, her stupid ass wants him after that.

  6. He only want to fuck her he talk about it his dick is still an option ,ride it like a champ d sex will get her high without any substance that will never work out wait till he goes on tour he fucking from city to city he was an ex for a reason he did it to her b fore in wasted he said she put his life through hell he all for d sex ,he was mad with drake please

  7. They're both really annoying now. Bella especially when she made a statement about how she wished Gigi would not get back together with Zayn but she's out here kissing her ex?? She's so fake and jealous of her sister something about her rubs me the wrong way…

  8. so y’all were hating on selena for getting back with her ex but are praising these two, don’t forget this was also a toxic relationship hence why he wrote that one line in wasted times

  9. The Weeknd literally fake cried on stage for some sales and he released his EP and got Selena dragged on social media because he was acting “heartbroken” and acting like the victim all for sales, and now he’s back with Bella. LOL. And Selena is the one who needs pr and attention to sell her songs? Okay.

  10. Let's be honest there just fucking and I don't blame Bella it looks like the weekend has a big dick lol

  11. They really were so great she was there before he got so mainstream and I believe now he knows he shouldn't have left her for Sel. Besides from past history i think a lot of us recycle our exes because it's comfortable to go back to something familiar.

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