Ariana Grande PREGNANT? – Selena Gomez DEVASTED Over Hailey Baldwin? (Rumor Patrol)

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Is Ariana Grande pregnant with Pete Davidson’ Baby? Is Sel-Go devastated that Justin Bieber is hooking up with Hailey Baldwin again? Does Kris Jenner want Kim to dump Kanye once and for all? We’ve got the truth on Rumor Patrol!

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  1. Selena walked away because of her mother, Justin is free to date whomever he wants. Hailey has always loved Justin and she shows it!!

  2. sel should just go back to George Shelley….and finished their incomplete romance…they would make a great couple

  3. When Emile put his hand over his forehead I thought Is he trying to be unicorn? Is that a unicorn impression at 7:16 ? XD

  4. I went to two psychics. Both of them knew me too well and gave mr the best advice to have a better life.

  5. Just to think she left the weeknd for justin beiber and she wrote that song for him back to you.

  6. Is it just me or is Kanye trying desperately to be white with his blonde hair and blue eyes. Speaking of which those blue contacts freak me out like no other, he looks like a zombie, how does he not see that when he looks into the mirror like that is his desired effect.

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