Anthony Bourdain Dead At 61: Celebs React | Access

Celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain was found dead in his hotel room in France on Friday, June 8. The renowned chef and host of “Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown” committed suicide by hanging. Celebrity fans Chrissy Teigen, Gordon Ramsay and more took to social media to share condolences.
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Anthony Bourdain Dead At 61: Celebs React | Access


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  1. Ok can every one just STOP.. Just STOP for 5 minutes and think!!! If you are feeling like, "well, thats it!" Please get help, talk to someone… Anyone!! Life is too precious… Dont let go!!!

  2. At 61 you often feel like you are too old to do much else with your life. Everything is down hill from that point on. Your youth is gone.

  3. Listen up dumb fucks…..a person in pain CAN’T fucking reach out because THEY ARENT IN THE RIGHT FRAME OF MIND AND THINK LIFE IS HOPELESS!!!!!!
    It’s up to family and friends to see the signs….they’re always there, and reach out to the person in pain!!!!
    Bourdain didn’t stand a chance of getting help because he existed in an environment of the rich, famous and self absorbed!!!!!
    Bourdain doesn’t need your fucking tweets now rich and famous assholes, because he’s dead and can’t read them!
    He needed your help when he was alive.
    Don’t say there weren’t signs….there are ALWAYS signs!!!!!
    Take it from one who knows. My brother tried suicide 5 times. We always caught him in time by staying close and vigilant.
    People can’t reach out. Understand that

  4. Rest in Paradise brother. You were an inspiration to millions. I'll never forget your shows that inspire me to travel the world to find culture.

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