After The Royal Wedding LIVE: The Wedding Dress, The Vows, The Celebs, & The Viral Moments

The Royal Wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle was a glamorous affair! Meghan Markle stunned in a Givenchy wedding dress, Harry sported his uniform but kept his BEARD! The Queen Mother wore green, and everyone’s hat game was on POINT!

Marisa Runyon is wearing a hat by Eugenia Kim.

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  1. All you people who obsessed over this wedding are crazy. These are not special people . You all need better role models . There more deserving people than the royals lol monarchs are for thehe 1800s . The world has moved on stop obsessing over these people

  2. iv clicked not interested on about 100 of theseroyal wedding videos but still YouTube recommends more. wff!

  3. I know a few people that are way too emotionally involved in the marraige of people they are unfit to know. They are also very ignorant people. I believe this speaks of the many thousandsof the same type. Why are you there? You aren't going to be received, with your bad teeth, dirty faces and shoddy attire. Stay away, you do your selves a disservice , at the price of what little dignity you may have..They, your betters, laugh at your expense. Royal Divorce in 1-3 years anyway. Go home.

  4. Why are people so fascinated with these such non-important people ? They are freeloading off the government of England. Start taking an interest in your personal well being. They are all a bunch of nobodies.

  5. She could no honor her family, but she is honoring the commonwealth. What a joke. She is such an actress…. Unbelievable. BTW – where are the black children in a bridal procession?

  6. I thought it was a gorgeous wedding from beginning to end. It simply was nice to have few hrs of peace from the world's chaos…and see a little happiness for a change.

  7. Megan was a beautiful bride. Her family have only themselves to blame about not being able to enjoy her happiness. But you should know her father was going to be there but unfortunately had issues with his health that prevented him from being able to be there.

  8. this wedding was so amazing the arrangement the style the atmosphere filled with love and affection God bless you and live happily forever

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