7 Times Zayn SHADED One Direction

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Break ups are never easy! When Zayn left One Direction you could hear cries all around the world and I’m sure the boys shed a few tears themselves. It takes a while to get over break ups and in the meantime you may or may not shade your ex band mates/gf/by whoever in the process. And by may or may not I mean Zayn definitely shaded his former group more than once… 7 times actually and I’m about to break down those moments right here on Listed.

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  1. Talk about another band like Little Mix, BTS or 5H. Like 1D broke up in 2015/ early 2016 . It’s been like 2 years since he left and everyone has moved on.

  2. Now that our fandoms are no longer fighting..why are you guys reigniting the feud that had been resolved ? Making us remember the old stuff is only gonna give more news to these people to create controversy about. Plus Zayn and Louis had already reconciled..they knew that the hell of a shit Naughty Boy had created all of the problems …..yeah I'm done

  3. Guys please don't split up like this we're directioners okhay so support each of them liue saying shit about them …pleaseeee

  4. The moment zayn fought with louis because of that shitty naughty boy…….i strongly started disliking him.

  5. I literally don’t like Zayn at all. If he didn’t want to be in the band at the start, then why didn’t he quit in the beginning. Then he causes drama at the end. Talk about an immature jerk

  6. Why can’t you just leave zayn and One Direction alone??
    It’s frustrating that you keep bringing the past back in the future..
    You guys have no stories to show or what?

  7. You can't blame Zayn for being shady to 1D members, cause I think that he has every right to do what he's doing. Also, we know nothing about what really happened behind those shades or whatever. I personally don't think that judging people for smth they might have a right to do is not right at all

  8. Hey guys i think we should make one direction army on every social site wid mission to get back them together along with zayn . plss share ur views .# directioner forever

  9. Is this the only way to keep people talking about zayn and one direction to talk about the same shit over and over again

  10. Louis deserved it lmao but also… why is he so obsessed with them. Zayn is so obsessed with talking trash about harry but every time harry is asked about zayn/is expected to make a mean comment, he only has nice things to say and wishes him well. I feel like if zayn was nicer and didn’t trash the band and the fans that gave him his career, everything he released after pillowtalk wouldn’t have flopped.(my opinion)

  11. so when someone is telling the truth, you call them being shady?? really? if that so, let me remind you that harry has shaded zayn too, multiple times!!! and why didnt u bring that up? biased much? watch this video if u think im lying:

    and oh, none of these 4 boys: harry, louis, liam , and niall – ever congratulated zayn on his solo career either, in fact, zayn has congratulated the boys on their 'drag me down' success, and now u calling him shady because he didn't tweet a fucking tweet to congratulate niall- the guy who had ignored his phone calls?? imagine how u would feel if you were in one of the darkest places of your life and some of your close friends hadn't bothered to answer your phone calls and just ignore you??? hurtful, right?
    zayn is not active on social media as much as niall is, so when was niall when zayn had released his first single??? that's right he never did congratulate zayn either? but he's not shady because he is "niall the angel."

    stop making zayn the bad guy when the rest of the 1d boys keep sugarcoating about certain stuff just because they're afraid of losing fans. and stop being biased

  12. The video says Zayn shaded One Direction 7 times
    But clevver news has never made a video (or maybe I haven't seen it) abt Zayn talking abt 1D
    1. He was the first one to congratulate them for Drag me Down
    2. He has written so much about 1D in his book (literally most if the book is filled with 1D and his life)
    3. Also he congratulated Louis when Freddie was born

    Leave Zayn alone

    I think clevver news hates Zayn so much

  13. If he never wanted to be in the band he should hv left in the first year,why the hell u stayed there for five years why,oh wait let me think cuz u wanted to gain fame through 1d i love Zayn but I don't like the way he shades 1d,we still believe ur a part of 1d to this moment and I want 1d back together forever #Directioner forever

  14. Unsubscribed… why u guys bringing up old news and making Zayn look like a bad guy always??? I don’t understand. Harry, Louis and Niall never acknowledged him after he left the band. On the other hand, he did

  15. Are there still people that hope that Zayn will be the old one? I love him but i like his older person more. I think it would be cool if they would be friends again and make one more song togheter.

  16. Acually i cant stop laughing while watching them "shading" eachother like wtf you used to be like brothers and then dj malik become some lame ass gangstar, don't get me wrong zayn is the reason that i'm breathing right now, but the whole "i dont give a fuck bout the pop stars little boys and their fans" is ridiculous and the directioners dont buy this shit.

  17. No offense to anyone but I think that Zayn's shade was unreasonable. Again. No offense but that's my opinion about it.

  18. Above all these chaos the saddest thing is that their friendship broke…..I used to be a huge zouis girl and now things have changed drastically…..zouis were like two brothers who were connected through souls….. OMG what has happend …. I found it really hard to digest that Zayn left… these people can't stop ever bringing those painful memories back…..

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