7 Celebs in the Twerking Hall of Fame

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Okay so basically unless you’re Amish and do not go on the internet or watch TV — you are probably be familiar with this “twerking” phenomenon that has been sweeping the nation. And despite what the majority of the population might think, NO. Miley Cyrus is not the first celeb to debut her twerking skills! So in honor of all these booty shaking celebs, we have ranked our favorites and inducted them into our “Clevver Twerking Hall of Fame.”

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Written by Jennifer

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  1. Hold up… First of all Riri out shines all of these. 2nd place also should belong to shakira. Those 2 are queens lol

  2. "Miley take a note?" – is this video about twerking or the buttsizes? Cause when we're only talking about the movements Miley's were much better. It might be true that big bootied women don't need to put that much effort in shaking their butt to make it look good, but if you really focus on the pure twerking skills… Iggy made me cringe so hard. And I wouldn't even consider half of these twerking, but… other "booty shakes"… maybe that's just me.

  3. Twerk: The most stupid thing I've ever seen a human do. Gross!!!!!! LMFOA every time I see these idiots do that. I don't know which is worst, hating a gigantic ass or giggling one. Either way it's just sick to look at and I just wanna gag every time.

  4. That funny girl twerking on door then fall onto glass table with candles then get caught on fire but that stupid. If want to see click the numbers. 19 If it doesn't work then put video on 19 seconds.

  5. This is to all the bitches who think Nicki don't deserve number 1 on the list. She is literally the best in twerking and that is because she has, as said in the video, more control over her butt and can shake it really hard and giggly. She does the best twerk. Nicki doesn't even need any practice

  6. Then here comes cardi B I personally would have top 3 as
    1. Cardi B
    2 Rrir and
    3 Nicki
    no shade I just think Cardi does it slightly better

  7. twerkings been around for a long time it just didn't have a name until Miley Cyrus. But before that it was just the dance that skanky hoes did in rap videos and God bless them cuz I damn well don't want to see Miley Cyrus's flat ass doing it

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