15 Celebs Who Came Out in 2017

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Although your sexuality is nothing to be ashamed of in 2017, it still takes courage to share these personal details about yourself and who you love. Coming out can be a difficult task in the first place, so could you imagine what it would be like to publicly join the LGBTQI community as a celebrity? It probably takes immense bravery, which is why today, we are celebrating these 14 Celebrities who came out this year.

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  1. What a deception! They are ALL transgendered. Men pretending to be women/ women pretending to be men.
    Check out MrE channel. Also, Conspiracies by Hans, hristos mandylor channels.
    All the world's a stage…..
    As they age, the hormones stop working….. Face starts falling apart, revealing the biological truth – Hence the "I'm gay" reveals.

  2. Attention whores. Keep your antics to yourself. Who the fuck needs to know about what you do in your bed. Should people judge you for what person are you or rather who you fuck: male or female?

  3. I do not find Thomas Dekker a strong proud gay man to look up to whatsoever, before being outed he refused to play gay roles, that doesn't sound prideful to me.

  4. Kristen Stewart I don't get it she had a relationship with the man in Twilight Pattinson and then also the director = affair so when did she realize she was gay?! I mean Hello! she's been dating men I don't know maybe it's publicity maybe she's bi but I don't think she's just out-and-out gay and I think that her relationship when she messed up with the affair I think it hurt her career so maybe this is a ploy to bring her back I don't know

  5. I,m not gay because , I.m not good looking enough to be gay. ((( : but I have to give it up for those who realize life is to short than to be who you are and also says society has moved ahead in not making it an ordeal or liability to be gay or lesbian.

  6. All this coming out honesty stuff may be all well and good to the ears of the vast majority of ppl in this world, but let it be known that absolutely no matter how angry y'all going to be at this next statement it does negate the FACT that bc of homosexuality (amongst other sins) this is WHY the WRATH of GOD is COMING. instead of being mad and upset, you all really SHOULD NOT IGNORE this WARNING. There's still time to seriously take what God is saying into consideration bc your very lives are at stake. (1Corinthians 6: 9-11)

  7. Why is it necessary at all to "come out." Am I supposed to announce to the world that I am heterosexual? Your sexuality is your own business and no one else's, and those who disagree can go fuck themselves.

  8. Never heard of any of these people, other than Barry and everyone has know he was gay for 40 years. I couldn't care less but don't forget to disclose and FUCKING WASH YOURSELVES!

  9. Let's face it, these freaks are so fucked up, they all have been brainwashed by the LGBTQ! So much for being "born that way"!

  10. That's why I don't like the rap & hip hop scene. So homophobic. Snoop Dogg, my only favorite rapper even said "rap & hip hop community will never be accepting of the gay community. Too much testosterone and ego.

  11. Barry Manilow didn't need to confirm a Gahtdamn thing….even me and my clueless Grandpa knew Manilow was gay back in the 70's. Sometimes you're just beating a dead horse!

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