10 Weird Ways Celebrities Were Set on the Path to Fame

The narrative we’re usually fed is that people achieve fame and fortune through passionately pursuing the future of their dreams. That might be true in the majority of cases. But the world of celebrities is filled with eccentrics and oddly-charmed people, so perhaps in some way it makes sense that the people who go farthest in their fields of choice didn’t get there in the predictable way. Still, even allowing for all that, these stories are enough to leave a fan gobsmacked.

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10. Vin Diesel
9. Mike Tyson
8. Bob Hoskins
7. Vince Gilligan
6. Edward Furlong
5. Munro Leaf
4. Werner Herzog
3. Tommy Wiseau
2. George Miller
1 Penn Jillette

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  1. just curious, do you come up with all the ideas for top ten lists yourself? do you have a team that works with you? do you have fans send in ideas?

  2. I have never understood why anyone would want to be famous.
    I can understand money. I can understand a feeling of achievement, but not fame.

  3. Penn Jillette is taking his evangelical atheism too far at this point. I am an agnostic myself so his talking about his atheistic beliefs is not at all offensive to me and I still enjoy his magic show but I paid for my Born Again Christian parents to go to his show in Vegas and he went into a 5-minute rant about atheism, which really offended my mother and she was not able to enjoy the show. I still enjoyed the show but he needs to back off on his evangelical brand of atheism a bit. I didn't pay for a ticket for my mom so she could hear a rant about how he doesn't believe in god if you want to hear that you can just watch countless youtube videos for free. Penn and Teller still put on a great show though and unless you are very serious about your religious beliefs like my mom is, you will almost certainly enjoy their show. Their t.v. shows are also very good.

  4. I've never been a fan of Penn Jillette or anything he has done. I think he has some major issues and really he needs to get over himself. This video has made me even dislike him more.

  5. I didnt know any of these back stories. As always, nice original content, TopTenz.
    Very excited for you to hit 1 M subs!

  6. I looked up something about Vin Diesel, because I thought I remember hearing somewhere that he worked as a bouncer at one time, and was pretty dang shocked to see that he his 50 years old.

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