10 Famous Kids Who Are Smarter Than You Think

These child stars have a higher IQ than some adults!

Looks can be deceiving, especially when it comes to the celebrities on our list. They’ve all managed to gain popularity in their own unique ways, but it’s the way they were able to create their own business empires that’s truly fascinating. From Danielle Bregoli, the Cash Me Ousside Girl; to Baby Ariel; Nash Grier; and Skai Jackson; you’ll be surprised to hear just how they were able to use their business sense to rake in the dough! This is: 10 Famous Kids Who Are Smarter Than You Think.

Maddie Ziegler was our favorite dancer on “Dance Moms,” so we were a little disappointed when she left the show. Little did we know, she had a bunch of projects and business ventures she was ready to explore. And now, she’s a “New York Times” bestselling author! Jazz Jennings is also keeping herself in the spotlight by advocating for LGBTQ youth and as the star of her own TLC reality show “I Am Jazz.” Make sure to watch our video to find out more!

Jake & Jake used social media to build their brands, and Sophia Abraham became a business owner thanks to her mom Farrah’s appearances on “Teen Mom OG” and “16 & Pregnant.” If you’d like to hear even more about famous kids who are smarter than you think, including Noah Cyrus and Valentina Pinault, make sure to watch our video. Let us know which of these famous kids’ stories inspired you the most. Thanks for watching and don’t forget to subscribe to TheTalko!

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  1. You're getting successful and intelligence mixed up, cause I know ALL of those kids are not as "smart" as you say they are, only successful

  2. It's sad that most of them were born to it or that doing stupid things makes them famous. And that's not being smart

  3. What about Yara Shahidi. She was an outspoken feminist and civil rights activist at only 15 and is now 17 on her way to Harvard with a letter of recommendation from MICHELLE OBAMA! She started her acting career at a young age with small roles in sitcoms like the Pride family and is continuing it as starring as the lead role in Freeform’s grownish. She is the youngest female ever to win a BET and NAACP award.

  4. 4:41 I’m sorry but when she said the super popular “LET IT GOAT” I was dying because bihhhhhh I never heard of LET IT GOAT in my entire lifetime

  5. 1: her name is baby ARIEL! (pronounced baby r-e-l)
    2: it's Maddie ZIGELER LIKE (pronounced zig ler)3: the movie was called leap!!!!!!

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