10 Celebs You Didn’t Realize Were In Harry Potter Movies

10 Famous actors who were in Harry Potter and you never knew.

The Boy Who Lived, a phrase known to fans worldwide referring to the fictional hero Harry Potter. JK Rowling created an escape from our Muggle lives. Warner Brothers used hundreds of performers, some who turned into major Hollywood stars known today. From Voldemort to Hagrid, the genius Hermione, the funny Weasley’s, and the notorious Dumbledore – all came to life by brilliant actors. Such as Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, and Rupert Grint, also the renowned Helena Bonham Carter and Ralph Fiennes.

Did you know “Dancing With The Stars” Julianne and Derek Hough plus ‘How to Get Away With Murder’ star Alfred Enoch were cast? Who else acts in the earth-shaking movies, playing Quidditch and casting spells?

Watch this video to learn which star from the band Little Mix and what “Twilight Saga” celeb can be seen. Click above to be shocked by the famous mugs that graced the halls of Hogwarts.

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  1. Not judging or criticizing anyone but
    I don't like the list
    I mean what're they gonna tell me next
    "You won't believe who's playing the lead role !, Daniel radcliffe himself is playing Harry Potter, Now I bet you didn't know that!, Did you?"
    Again . these are my own views

  2. I have to have my talko life just isn't the same without it…lol… Well…. It makes the day go faster…

  3. WRONG! It isn't Teddy Remus it is Edward Remus Lupin! His nickname is Teddy because of Tonks father! Sorry!

  4. So earlier my cousin and I were watching Dancing With The Stars. Just now, you mentioned Julianne Hough, (if I spelled that right) and her being in Dancing With The Stars. I asked my cousin if she New who she was and she said yes. It’s such a small world, especially when it comes to Actors/Actresses. I see movies that I’ve heard of before but never watched and then I realize there are like 5 people I recognize in it, or I see someone who I didn’t even realize was in like 10 movies that I love.

  5. Am I a special person or something that I managed to notice all of them except 2.

    The bloody hell moment!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Scarlett Byrne OMG I thought I heard that name before but when it said Pancy Parkinson I was like excuse me she is my Favourite after all I am a SLYTHERIN and also my friends say I am so like Pancy Parkinson I am like Oh Yea yea that's me Like I dips being her the rest of life and I have slowly started acting like a SLYTHERIN I said I wanted to be in Gryffindor instead after a while and they said I am a pure SLYTHERIN like I can't change it's just me for life as a SLYTHERIN I can't help my self I am just a SLYTHERIN!

  7. The Pancy part again I would like to mention just looking down the SLYTHERIN table makes me feel like I am a true pure-blood SLYTHERIN now all I have to do is go to London and go to 9 and 3/4

  8. Natalie Tena only played in four of the films. I mean correct me if I’m wrong!!! And it’s Teddy Lupin not Teddy Remus do u actually watch the movies?

  9. You're shitting me, they gave Derek, Julianne, and Mark background extra parts instead of embracing better roles. I'm surprised they don't let their lawyers sue those writers and producers into non-existence. If I was Derek, I'd be pissed, especially at the age I am now.

  10. 1:40 4. She played in four movies. In HP and the Order of the Phoenix, HP and the Half-Blood Prince and HP and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 and 2. I just count four, not five.

  11. Tonks was not killed in the ministry by her aunt, Bellatrix, and her death was not avenged by Molly Weasley.

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