10 Celebs Who Were FIRED By Disney

10 former Disney Stars who were FIRED.
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Growing up, we all watched iconic and classic family Disney films. Disney made us feel like we knew the characters ourselves from the actors and the voices that brought the characters to life. But what happens when a celeb doesn’t uphold their rigid image of perfection? Why was Chloe Grace Moretz hired to voice over a role she was later replaced for? Or how about Jake T. Austin’s crazy tantrum at the Teen Choice Awards? Even Megan Mullally from “Will and Grace” was supposed to be involved in Disney. And what director was fired from Star Wars: IX? The outlandish YouTube influencers like Jake Paul and PewDiePie each had a scuffle with the famed company, finally being let go to cut any association.

Watch this video to find out all the shocking ways that celebrities were fired from coveted Disney roles. Make sure to stick around to find out if High School Musical star Vanessa Hudgens was removed from the Disney roster!

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  1. To be completely honest, I'm not surprised about any of them! Bella Thorne a little bit but she's pretty scandalous

  2. Bella wasn't fired from Disney. After Shake it up she was offered a show as Zendaya was, but she preferred to start playing roles in films out of Disney. Get your facts straight.

  3. I wont miss bella thorne. I never liked her. I guess it was the way she was irl that made just hate her in general.

  4. Bella Thorne let her run in with Disney get to her and her fans head. If she's such a great actress why is she buying a house with Instagram grid posting and not the money she's maid being an actor? Anything she does now is B film tops and makes a living off social media or shacking up and getting noticed with someone (anyone) more popular than her.

  5. fingers crossed that paul never gets a media job outside youtube. he behaves like a 15 year old that never received education and its sad to see that young kids are following his example. this goes to his brother too

  6. Am I the only one that had like 7 ads? I mean its a 12 minute video thats kind of ridiculous….

  7. All of the rest can recover their careers for all I care except for the back stage douche and Logan Paul. LP especially I hope gets flesh eating syphilis, and sued into being penniless. He’s a garbage human being, and deserves the worst.

  8. Ok but pewdiepie doesn’t really count in this list, he started on YouTube and isn’t appropriate for Disney at all. Same with jake Paul.

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