10 Celebs Who Treat Their Team Like Trash

10 Famous people who are mean to their staff.

Working for a celebrity might seem like a dream come true, but for many employees it ends up being a nightmare. Rihanna is known for being a diva, and apparently that extends to how she treats her staff. Lady Gaga might come across as a kind person, but she’s incredibly demanding and requires her staff to be on call 24/7. Bruce Willis is a great actor, that even other actors can’t get along with on set. Many celebs get away with their bad behavior, but Megan Fox’s ended up getting her fired and blacklisted from Hollywood. Lea Michele has a reputation for being a diva on set, but apparently she takes that attitude with her when she goes out to eat as well. In the comment section, make sure to tell us which one of these celebrities you would hate to work for. Then, click the subscribe button to get more great videos from TheTalko.

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  1. Bullshit . zayn left his manager and all of that team but media out there want to make zayn's manager dumped him bc he's lazy or challenging to promote or got for tour or etc etc where in fact this manager knows better that zayn had anxiety and mental health that time but she didn't even think about it nor give af Always want to put him in A stage when he wasn't ready that time they all care about their money not zayn's health many singers left them like big name like :
    Dua Lipa
    Iggy Azealia
    Lana Del Rey
    Ellie Goulding
    Lil peep died bc they pushed him to tour instead of taking care of his mental state was fine . The problem is from her and her co ppl left them before zayn and look to the singers who left for example look to dua lipa and etc etc and she didn't even do good job for him as for example look to DTD didn't even got radio deal and now when he left them his last song let me got radio deal and doing well in the radio . Zayn now way better and his anxiety now under control and he will go for tour this year he hired a music director for his upcoming tour and confirmed about the tour and he's working with a team for the tour he's now more confident about himself .

  2. Wow talko didn't talk about zayn that much but now so obsessed with him that even put his pics to get more views yukes without knowing the truth . Just look how pathetic ya are .

  3. "Zayn"
    "Lady Gaga"
    "Megan Fox"
    Talko, y'all are cancelled, I'm unsubscribing. Bye felicia

  4. I never have and never will want to mingle with that kind of human. They all need to be told the truth about themselves.

  5. Mental health issue is worse than physical health issue so please if any celeb has mental health issue leave them alone.

  6. I'm sorry, but why are you saying "Malik" that way? I physically cringed every time the narrator said Zayn's last name.

  7. That about Lady GaGa is not true! She was scared in the dark because of terrible nightmares, that's why she wanted someone to sleep with… Dissapointed, Talko!

  8. Zayn malik is not at all rude he and he has anxiety and his management team are shit… Leave him alone

  9. JLo is a high class prostitute. She doesn't have to act as if she climbed the ladder with dignity.

  10. The lady Gaga thing’s been debunked. As for the lea Michelle one, I wouldn’t believe it if it’s anonymous

  11. all of this you said about Zayn is false, like literally wtf? His manager dumped him and when tf did he bash his team

  12. Funny thing is, looking at the list, I kinda always had a feeling that these people had this "attitude". I don't know, I think it just comes out of em naturally. I really like Lady Gaga, honestly. I have that much respect for her as an artist. But she does give off this "vibe" that I just couldn't put my finger on. I guess it's this.

  13. So take the team away from these ungrateful losers and give the team to me cos I’d be so grateful to a secretary cos I so need one

  14. Zayn’s & Gaga’s are wrong. Their managers and team always spoke highly of them. Get your facts straight before you talk shit about them!

  15. u cant even prnounce Zayns family name and u want to tell people he's rude? This is what, just because one person, Sarah stenett complained and quit and whatever she said is holy scripture? Or is it just to get views cuz zayns face on the thumbnail will attract attention? … oh! and his career hasnt really taken off ya? but he has more followers than 1d and any 1d member. DuskTillDawn has almost as many views as WMYB, 1D's most viewed video.. smh

  16. Disliked because on two people who doesn't deserve a place in this list
    Zayn and Lady Gaga

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