10 Celebs Who FLIPPED OUT Over Meeting Beyonce

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Looks like meeting queen B is NOT for the faint of heart! Now we all love Beyoncé and I’m sure any one of us would FLIP the EFF OUT if we ever had the opportunity to meet her – and it looks like celebs are no exception. Yes, there are quite a few famous faces who have met the legendary artist, and their reactions were nothing short of wild! So, today we are bringing you 10 celebs who freaked out when meeting Beyoncé right here on Listed!

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  1. OMG ENOUGH!!! Beyonce is nothing but a self centered egotistical fake twin pregnancy… note they could have gotten those kids any way and that pregnancy was fake…bitch

  2. Who wouldn't flip out? I mean she's BEYONCÉ, the queen?! I'd probably die or at least faint if I met her!

  3. Bruh sza is kinda dumb like bitchs career started like a month ago and now she like imma retire now like wtffffffff

  4. Meeting Beyonce are you kidding me she is just another human being she's actually a horrible role model with her on stage with her ass hanging out and shaking it everywhere I wonder if she's going to want to dress like that and act like that and we all know that her and Jay-Z sold their shows the Illuminati puppet Satan worshippers and they're not they never done nothing but what is so great about that shaking your ass why don't you get upset and cry Jesus hanging on the cross

  5. i would probably freeze, although i am more of a rhianna fan iw ould still freak out if i was in front of queen b lol

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