10 Celebs Who Destroyed Their Careers With One Bad Interview

10 Famous people who regretted their interview answers.

It can take ages to build a career in Hollywood, but it can also be destroyed in just a moment’s time. Interviews can be great for promoting careers or projects, but they can also totally ruin the career of a celebrity. Megan Fox was known for being a total diva on set, but she went way to far with the cruel things she said about director Michael Bay during an interview. John Mayer always came across as the sensitive type, until he dished about all the women he’d hooked up with and got way too personal. Who knew that calling someone “glib” could be a career ender, but Tom Cruise found that out the hard way. Another tough life lesson was when Tom Hiddleston learned not to overthink your breakup with Taylor Swift, and yes, we totally see the irony there. Did you cringe during any of these awful interviews? Let us know which one was the most awkward to you in the comment section, and don’t forget to subscribe for more videos from TheTalko.

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  1. Lol, um… ere ah…was that German … uh …um …hum… hilter?…. spineless crappy content

  2. Should call this site Talko alot of shit! Charlie Sheen's career skyrocketed after the 2011 interview it got him on another number one hit show Anger Management

  3. Megan Fox also got shut out of other opportunities cuz she wouldn't go to bed with evil Harvey Weinstein, ewww…

  4. Considering that Bay how shoots his female actresses on camera in his Transformers movies Megan could've been right about him. As for Tom Hiddleston his career is still going strong it bothered me that he was dating Taylor Swift I thought he had better class than that. Regardless leave the man alone he's a great guy why try to destroy him? He shouldn't even be on this list & neither should Megan Fox.

  5. How is it that Tom Cruise's carrer is destroyed? He is still one of the highest paid WORKING actors in Hollywood!

  6. Fox looks like a sea hag without make up,word in Hollyweird is that she was 'tricked' out quite a bit.

  7. Fox looks like a sea hag without make up,word in Hollyweird is that she was 'tricked' out quite a bit.

  8. the moment this silly voice said Tom Cruise i was like, th is this thot talking about? Tom's still up and about making more MI movies and making big bucks while at it

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