10 Celebs Who Can’t Stand Chumlee From Pawn Stars

Celebrities who can not stand chumlee from pawn stars.

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  1. Elon Musk is part of NWO.
    Good for chumlee for calling out Agenda 21 getting rid of cars.
    People please check out truthstreammedia and ODDReality on YT.

  2. Well what do you expect would happen if you make shitty pop music? People are going to trash you for it

  3. Chumley is a fat pig that will need to drg and rape a pretty girl before one will ever want to touch him.

  4. All of these people have talent and skill gained from hard work. Chumlee has one friend with a successful grandfather.

  5. I can't stand almost anybody in this video, but Chumless is without a doubt the hugest douche bag.

  6. anyone has a right to say their opinion , and chumlee is right ariana grande music sucks dick big time, and its all autotone

  7. Wow, I actually like Chum more now, the dude is brutally honest. He isn't kissing A list celebrities assess like so many other less popular celebrities.

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