10 Celebs Who Can’t Hide Their Secrets From The Media

10 famous people who are always in the spotlight.
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Some people think celebs don’t have the right to have private lives, but we disagree. Although they live in front of cameras and share bits and pieces of information to the media, there are some things that should be off limits. But the celebs on our list found out the hard way that they can never keep any secrets from the public because the media will always find a way to reveal the truth. From Beyoncé to Kylie Jenner, Bella Thorne, and Taylor Swift, this is 10 Celebs Who Cant Hide Their Secrets From The Media.

Blac Chyna wanted her fans to believe she dropped the baby weight by dieting and working out. But her ex, Rob Kardashian, spilled her weight loss secret to the entire world. Rob’s sister, Khloe, hasn’t revealed her pregnancy as of yet, but the media already knows all the details about her bundle of joy! Cheryl and Liam Payne can probably relate to what Khloe’s going through because they didn’t get a chance to announce Cheryl’s pregnancy either. Instead, the news was leaked to the world by the press.

While Katie Holmes tried to keep her relationship under wraps, the media staked her out for four years until they finally confirmed who she was dating. And Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein was able to keep his secrets away from the media up until he was exposed for inappropriate acts by the “New York Times.”

We’ll also be sharing Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte’s secret that cost him a lot of money and endorsement deals. Make sure to watch our video to see all the hidden secrets on our list. Let us know in the comments section if you think celebs should have the right to live private lives away from the media.

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  1. Sorry Bella, but there's no such thing as a human being who is dumb enough to believe that real fur is fake fur. Even a blind mine can feel the truth and clearly hear that bullshit.

  2. I get it that these celebrities are amazing at what they do but I don't get why people want to know what they do off the screen. It shouldn't matter, I don't care because it's none of my business. Like chill, they are talented people that a lot a people know about.

  3. tbh they should be given privacy. yes, they're job is to entertain, but it has limits. who ever is reading this for sure has secrets and lies as well.

  4. Of course Kylie is pregnant and she has a right to hide her pregnancy because why not? maybe she want her baby to have normal life like us 🙂

  5. Honestly, celebrities should just stop trying to lie. It's already been proven time and again that if the media even gets the slightest idea that you are lying, or covering something up, they will be on you like a pack of starving wolves in front of a meat lovers' buffet table.

  6. I think that only private celebs should be allowed their privacy. I don't think its justifiable for those like the Kardashians to constantly pander to the media to stir things up and promote the good, but then get upset when their secrets are acknowledged by the same paparazzi.

  7. Blac Chyna's thing just annoyed me. It's fucking unhealthy to gain extra weight when you're pregnant. My mum is a midwife so I know that you shouldn't gain more than the baby will bring.

  8. I like how shes trying to hide it because shes showing me lots of outifts that i can actually wear . That im not showing everything off.

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  10. I've got a feeling one of those sisters is gonna "miscarry"…thinking kylie….im not buying that she's pregnant at opinion..dc.oh and demi Moore is a pedo…

  11. DF is Ryan on this list? He was on blast for maybe 3months…when was the last time anyone heard about him before or after that? You know the next time we'll hear from him? Olympics 2020.

  12. The whole Harvey Weinstein thing … so many powerful women of Hollywood … who had shame because of him … sexual harassment for men and women is not only something they can be shamed for but made to feel like they're to blame … Im glad they have found their voices but it would've been nice if they had spoken out years ago so maybe his victim list would've been smaller. Hope that pig rots!

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