10 Celebs No One Knew Were Trans

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More and more Hollywood celebrities are feeling comfortable about revealing their gender
identities. As fans, many times we have no idea certain celebrities were born a different gender until they finally come out to the world. We found more than a few celebrities who you probably didn’t know were transgender.

Gemma Cowling became the first Australian-born transgender model when she was signed by Azalea Models. She started her life out as a boy, but she always knew that deep down inside, she was born to be a female. She knew there was something “different” about her, and it was very difficult for her to fit in with other children while she was growing up. These days, Gemma is finally comfortable in her own skin, and the modeling world has quickly labeled her as the next big thing.

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  1. The title should be called, "10 Celebs No One Knew … Period!" I never heard of any of these people.

    PS – You can cut off your dinger, and put on a dress, but you'd still be a male with no dinger wearing a dress.

  2. I remember Laverne Cox on Who Wants to be Diddy's assistant. And her saying when she's eliminated that she was going to be somebody the world remember. She was right

  3. How in the world can people Embrace and celebrate this mental disorder each person on this list is a hideous Freak Show and I just threw up a little in my mouth you retarded snowflakes want to do something Noble try to create awareness in the mental disorder called trans you should focus on trying to get them the mental help that they need so desperately instead of giving them courageous Awards in creating the sort of normality of this mental disorder you're only hurting them in order to push this liberal agenda further absolutely disgusting all you liberal freaks are get help

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